You’re asking yourself: “What is wedding insurance and why would I ever need it?”

Well, think about it! Your wedding is the biggest and most expensive event you have ever planned and that’s SUPER stressful! 


You will have to put down a big chunk of money for your deposit at the venue and all of your carefully chosen vendors will likely need some down payment as well. That makes your wedding valuable in the emotional and financial sense!

And what do you do to other things that are valuable like your house, your car, your health? 

You insure them. 

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Yet, wedding insurance is something that’s not talked about a whole lot. 

Murphy’s Law will strike your wedding when you least expect it – a hurricane is set to hit on your wedding day, a snowstorm makes traveling to your destination wedding impossible, a major, unforeseen illness strikes. Unfortunately, disasters are bound to happen.

But especially living through the early summer of 2020 and experiencing the effects of Covid-19 that made so many couples postpone or cancel their weddings, makes you wonder how you can protect yourself from the financial burden of losing your wedding-related deposits. 

The answer: wedding insurance.

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1. What is wedding insurance?


Wedding insurance like Wedsure Wedding Insurance by R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. has 9 optional coverages available for couples to insure their big day. 

With every wedding unique as every bride, Wedsure doesn’t force engaged couples to pay for coverages they don’t need by letting couples select what they want. 

Some of the options are: 

  1. Liability – What if your bridesmaid falls down the stairs? 
  2. Cancelation & Postponement – What if you have to cancel your wedding at the last minute?
  3. Gifts & Jewelry – What if some valuable gifts or wedding jewelry goes missing on your wedding day?

Wedding insurance policies from Wedsure can be purchased online, 24/7 and are backed by Fireman’s Fund, a company of Allianz, the largest insurance company in the world.

2. How much does wedding insurance cost for the average wedding?

Wedding liability coverage starts at $125 and will cover you for up to 5 million!!

Considering that the average couple spends about $10,000 on their venue – which is only ONE-THIRD of the entire wedding cost – $125 is not a lot to protect you from harm later on.

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3. When in the wedding planning process should I consider purchasing it?

As soon as you begin making deposit payments, you should purchase wedding insurance to protect your investment.

You can purchase Wedsure wedding insurance up to two years before your big day and as late as 24 hours before for liability coverage.

4. What is not covered by wedding insurance?

With 9 optional coverages available, just about any issue, you may be concerned about, has possible coverage available to put you at ease. 

If there is something specific that you have questions about, Wedsure encourages you to call them at (800) 364-2433 and speak with a friendly customer service representative who can help you with your unique situation.

5. Is it right for every wedding?

When you are deciding whether to purchase wedding insurance, it should be considered on a case by case basis. 

For less than $150 for liability coverage, the peace of mind is well worth the cost in the event something does happen.


6. What about wedding insurance to cover my wedding guests’ problems?

Fast forward to a few days before your wedding date and the inevitable strikes. 

Your deposits are protected by your wedding insurance but how are you going to inform your guests of the last-minute changes? 

We’ve got news for you: Your wedding guests won’t check your wedding website for updates, they will text you. MAJOR nuisance! 

Why not make life easier for yourself and send your guests pre-scheduled wedding text message reminders? 

Your guests will have all the information they need right there at their fingertips when they need it – and most importantly, won’t bother you by texting you their questions!


Really, WedTexts is the only thing getting you through major wedding planning roadblocks!

Okay, sign me up!

Sign up for Wedsure wedding insurance & keep your guests in the loop of any changes with WedTexts.