This post has one goal and that is to give you specific ideas for wedding text message reminders.

I think  we can all agree that:

  1. Your guests need all the help they can get when it comes to keeping track of your wedding details and decision making.
  2. Wedding text message reminders are the best way to distribute that information. 

So with these two beliefs in mind, you scour the internet to find the best tool to use to keep your wedding guests in the loop and find WedTexts



You read about our Easy-Fill Templates and how they can help you set up the most commonly sent wedding text message reminders in 5 minutes or less. 

“That’s perfect for my already busy schedule,” you think to yourself. 

Excited, you call your fiancé to show him what you found and he says…

“Babe, I’m not paying for THAT.

Why would we ever need this?

I can just send a group message to everyone.” 



But lucky for you, you’ve done your research and can counter his arguments with these ideas for wedding text message reminders to use at your wedding!

And best of all, each idea is backed up by a testimonial from a real WedTexts wedding. 

Wedding Text Message Reminder: RSVP

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into planning a wedding and sending out invites, so it’s only fair that you want to know who will be there. 

What’s more is that about a month before your wedding, your caterer will need to know a final headcount for how many guests to feed. 

Most couples end up having to call or text 30% of the people they invited because they do not RSVP in a timely manner.  

Side note: Let’s do some math real quick. Stephanie and Brad invite 100 people to their wedding. 30% of guests did not RSVP. Each phone call to confirm who will be attending takes Stephanie and Brad an average of 3 minutes. How many bottles of wine will they need to get through this? (Answer: A $#!* ton!)

To save time (and your sanity), one idea for wedding text message reminder is this WedTexts: 


I remember getting so frustrated about RSVPs. But luckily WedTexts was there to help. I was able to easily split my guest list into groups and send those who had not yet responded extra reminders. It saved a ton of time and you can never have enough time when planning a wedding!

Julie (Bride – Union Point GA)

Wedding Text Message Reminder: Wedding Weekend Itinerary

We already agreed that your wedding guests need all the help they can get when it comes to keeping track of all the details of your wedding weekend. 

And we all know what happens to paper wedding itineraries… guests lose it or throw it away after it sits on the refrigerator for a time.

You know what never leaves your guests’ side? Their cell phone! 

It is the one thing they have on them at all times.  

So why not deliver all your important information directly to your guests’ cell phone!  

They don’t even have to download an app or be part of an annoying group text!


My wife and I had a lot of events planned for our wedding (casino night, rehearsal, brunch, cocktail hour, ceremony, and reception) and thanks to WedTexts we were able to focus on those events and not worry about reminding our guests about when and where they had to be.

Brian (Groom – Chula Vista, CA)

Wedding Text Message Reminder: Morning After Brunch

Speaking of using wedding text message reminders to replace a printed itinerary. 

No matter what event you’re hosting, it’s easy to pre-schedule a wedding text message reminder, so you don’t even have to remember the details yourself! 

Let’s say you’re hosting a brunch the morning after your wedding before everyone leaves. 

One idea for a wedding text message reminder is to share the brunch details with your wedding guests via WedTexts. 

Start time and location are key details your guests will appreciate having at their fingertips. 

Did you know that addresses automatically link to Google Maps from your WedTexts? 


Our guests loved WedTexts!  Even though we’d sent details about the weekend in the mail and posted them on our wedding website, we found that our guests really appreciated being sent reminders as we approached the big day. We got tons of compliments on using WedTexts throughout our wedding weekend.

Jon (Groom – New Orleans, LA)

Wedding Text Message Reminder: Wedding Transportation


Are you renting buses or providing Uber or Lyft event codes for your guests? 

Let your wedding guests know your transportation details right when they need it most. 

You can pre-schedule your WedTexts for the same time or shortly after your send-off.

If you’re renting buses make sure you send a wedding text message reminder about the last bus going to and leaving from the wedding ceremony and/or reception. 

Side note: If you thought that meme was funny, you should follow us on Instagram!

The thing I loved most about WedTexts was that we were able to schedule a message to remind guests of the last bus leaving the hotel for the ceremony! All of our guests were on time, which made for an amazing start to my wedding day.

Gretchen (Bride – Litchfield, CT)

Wedding Text Message Reminder: Out of Town Wedding Guests

I bet I’m not the only one that uses a GPS in the town where I live

Now imagine trying to get around in an area that you are unfamiliar with. 

That is why it’s super important to send wedding text message reminders to your guests that include all the details and addresses that they need to know. 

Those who have smartphones will be able to click the address and connect straight to Google Maps.


Typically at weddings, I have no clue where I need to be or when. I typically have to rely on other guests to keep me informed. WedTexts is a huge lifesaver. I did not have to worry about keeping up with any papers, trying to find the couple’s wedding website or rely on other guests to know event details.

Matt (Guest – Memphis, TN)

Wedding Text Message Reminder: Destination Wedding

Destination wedding planning can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! 

While we think that any wedding can benefit from using WedTexts for wedding text message reminders, it is an absolute must for destination weddings!

Not only is this a great opportunity to keep your wedding guests in the loop about your wedding, but you can also send them information about fun things to do and explore on their own time.


Although New Orleans feels like a second home to my husband and me, it was a “destination” for most of our guests! This added an additional level of stress to our wedding planning. Since many of our guests had never been to New Orleans, I was worried about them knowing how to navigate the city and make it to all of our wedding events. WedTexts was perfect for this, as we were able to send google maps links to all of our guests so they knew exactly where to go for each of our wedding events!

Kelly (Bride – New Orleans, LA)

Wedding Text Message Reminder: Wedding Emergency

It’s no secret that every wedding couple wants their wedding weekend to go off without a hitch. 

And luckily, for most that tends to be the case.  

Unfortunately, there are always things that are out of our control – vendors, weather, and Murphy’s Law just to name a few!

WedTexts is the perfect tool to communicate any change in plans with your wedding guests for when the unexpected happens.  


When a flood interfered with our original wedding, we had to find a new ceremony and reception location in a matter of just 2 days. WedTexts saved the day by letting us easily communicate the new information to all our guests via a single text message. It saved us the huge hassle of calling each guest one by one or relying on a phone tree which would have been both exhausting and unreliable.

Blair (Bride – Columbia, SC)

Bottom line is…

WedTexts will take your wedding to the 21st century.  

If your fiancé would like to spend hours on end making calls to your wedding guests to 

  1. Get them to RSVP,
  2. Communicate the wedding weekend itinerary,
  3. Make sure everyone gets to your wedding weekend events on time,
  4. Coordinate transportation for guests who missed the last shuttle,
  5. Help your out-of-town wedding guests and destination wedding guests navigate through unknown areas, 
  6. Inform everyone of last-minute changes to your plans, 

Grab a glass of wine and tell him to go right ahead!

He’ll be happy to add WedTexts to your wedding budget before you can say “Cabernet Sauvignon.”

Did we mention, it’s free to use for your wedding party of up to 15 people and our most popular package (unlimited wedding text message reminders sent to up to 150 guests) only costs $1.30 per guest. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Download it for free and give it a try today! 

While I’m realistic and knew that everything wouldn’t be 100% perfect on my wedding weekend, WedTexts was a fantastic and a great 21st-century solution to minimizing that risk and ensuring all went smoothly. Our guests were reminded when and where events were, our wedding party was reminded when to get ready, and my rather large family was reminded when and where to take photos pre-wedding. I didn’t look at my phone once on my wedding day and focused instead on relaxing, celebrating, and soaking it all in.

Julie (Bride – New Orleans, LA)