In June of 2015, I had the good fortune of marrying my best friend!

Her love and support mean the world to me. I hope I am able to reciprocate even a few of the blessings she has bestowed upon me. Some days I still can’t believe she said yes!

For the many of you that don’t know, Kelly and I tested WedTexts at our wedding in New Orleans in 2015!

We were looking for a fast and easy way to communicate with our out of town guests, who were traveling from across the country to attend our wedding.

We wanted something that was effortless for our guests. And yes, we wanted to impress our guests a bit, but what couple doesn’t?

The problem was, we weren’t able to find anything that could send simple reminders to our wedding guests.

We knew 3 things for certain about our wedding guests:

  1. Our guests weren’t going to hold onto a paper itinerary
  2. They wouldn’t download an app
  3. They weren’t going to remember to use our wedding website

So we decided to come up with our own solution: WedTexts!

In fact, WE might have tested WedTexts at our wedding together, but it was really Kelly who originally came up with the idea.

Here’s the whole story.

The HERstory of WedTexts

Founders of WedTexts, Caleb and Kelly White share their first dance at their wedding

It is still a little unreal to me that asking one question, in our dirty kitchen, when Kelly got home from class (romantic I know!) could set off the chain of events that would change our lives and the wedding industry forever.

For over a year, we (or actually, Kelly) had been planning our wedding. Kelly is very organized, so she handled the wedding planning details in stride.

During the planning, both of us were pretty relaxed… until the very end.

Fast forward to our wedding weekend.

My goal for our wedding was threefold:

  1. give Kelly the wedding of her dreams
  2. provide an amazing experience for our guests
  3. help reduce stress in any way possible

The days leading up to our wedding were a whirlwind!

From the moment guests started to arrive, it was humbling to both Kelly and me that so many friends and family made the trip to our wedding! It meant the world to us to have such amazing people surround us as we started our new journey.

From making final preparations, working as a taxi driver for family and friends, and dealing with the stress and uncertainty and excitement of a wedding…we were anxious.

To help with the last minute details, Kelly suggested sending notifications to our guests throughout the weekend, so we could remind them of where our events were taking place, and when they should arrive.

At the time, my company was developing a new communication software and Kelly recommended we use it to send pre-scheduled text messages to our guests.

It wasn’t really what that software was built for, but we were able to change some functionality on the fly and made it work for us.

And to our delight, it actually worked!

Founders of WedTexts, Caleb and Kelly White walk through a crowd on their wedding day

We sat down and pre-scheduled all our wedding reminders for the entire weekend.

With the first message, we were able to express our gratitude by thanking our wedding guests for attending our destination wedding.

Then, we were able to let them know the time and location of the weekend’s events and even provide links to the locations via Google Maps (which our guests loved).

And, because we were able to schedule the text messages in advance, we didn’t have to worry about sending them during our wedding weekend.

Once scheduled, we didn’t have to think about the messages again.

It was effortless to communicate all our wedding weekend details with our wedding guests.

Better yet, none of the guests had to download an app!

Because there was no app needed, any device that could receive a text message could get our wedding reminders.

After the wedding, three engaged couples that attended our wedding reached out to us to see if they could use this wedding reminder service at their own weddings.

When we continued to receive compliments from our wedding guests on the “texting service,” we decided to turn it into a business!

A few months later, we officially launched WedTexts!

WedTexts logo beside an iPhone with a sample WedTexts reminder about wedding rsvps

With WedTexts it is possible to communicate helpful wedding reminders with your wedding guests.

Today, WedTexts has helped thousands of engaged couples and wedding planners across the country enhance their wedding guest experience and reduce wedding planning stress – all thanks to Kelly!

Our goal at WedTexts is basically the same as the goals I had for my own wedding:

  1. Give engaged couples the wedding of their dreams, by making it a wonderfully memorable experience for them and their guests
  2. Provide an excellent, all-inclusive wedding guest experience, by providing effortless wedding communication
  3. Reduce wedding planning stress in all ways possible, by being prepared for anything that tries to ruin your wedding

WedTexts allows you to send pre-scheduled text messages to all your guests at once.

WedTexts is the perfect way to remind guests of all your important wedding weekend details:

  • Send up-to-date shuttle schedules
  • Get everyone to your rehearsal dinner on time
  • Invite guests who arrive early to your welcome party
  • Get your bridesmaids and groomsmen organized for bridal party photos
  • Let your family know when and where they’re needed for family photos
  • Send directions to your wedding ceremony to all of your wedding guests
  • Get people in the right place at your wedding reception to get the party started
  • Remind guests to sign your wedding guest book
  • Give your guests a map to the bar for the after party
  • Organize a brunch for all of your wedding guests still in town the day after your wedding
  • And so much more!

WedTexts is also a must-have tool for all the events that happen before your wedding day, like the following:

  • Announcing your wedding website
  • Sharing your wedding #hashtag
  • Engagement party reminders
  • Save-the-date reminders
  • Bride’s party attire deadlines
  • Groom’s party attire deadlines
  • Wedding shower reminders
  • Bridal shower reminders
  • Bachelorette party reminders
  • Bachelor party reminders
  • Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVP’d
  • Hotel room block reminders
  • Rehearsal dinner reminders
  • And anything else you plan on doing leading up to your big day!

If your guests can receive a text message, they can easily use WedTexts.

WedTexts is great for reminders when things are going right, AND it’s even better for real-time updates when things go wrong.

With WedTexts, wedding couples will be prepared for anything and easily handle any problems or last second changes that come their way.

Each day, more and more couples choose WedTexts.

Right now, you can use WedTexts with your entire wedding party for free!

Go ahead and get started with your free account today at

Your guests will thank you.