Wedding speeches can be an absolute highlight of the wedding reception or a total drag. 

We’re here to make sure that your wedding speech will rock the house. 

Some of the basic things you want to cover are:

  • Who you are (i.e. sister, brother, roommate, friend, etc)
  • How do you know the bride and groom 
  • How have you been a part of their relationship
  • Why should the wedding guests care (i.e. the couple’s love is such an inspiration for others, they have overcome obstacles, etc)
  • What you wish for their future

But simply jotting down a sentence or two to answer these questions will not be enough to make an epic wedding speech. 

Here are 5 tips and examples of how to make your wedding speech stand out. 

 1. Be Confident

When it comes to wedding speeches, the number one thing to do is: be confident. 

This does not mean that you can be a total @$$ to the bride and groom, but you can definitely poke some fun at your relationship to each other. 

Like the speech in the video below. What makes this wedding speech so special is the witty and confident delivery, but also how heartfelt it is.

2. Go for something unique

Instead of picking some generic quote or reading out parts of 1 Corinthians 13… 😴 *snooze*… make your wedding speech unique! 

This family absolutely rocks the Disney medley they came up with. And don’t worry if you’re not as talented as them when it comes to singing, the wedding guests will know that it comes from the heart. 

If Disney isn’t your style, try a pop medley or come up with a rap! 

3. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Again, the wedding guests will enjoy themselves most during your wedding speech if it’s witty and funny. 

Part of that means not taking yourself too seriously, like this maid of honor, who goes straight into admitting that she struggled with the bride’s veil (and that she finally stopped sweating LOL). 

Plus, she doesn’t lose it when she accidentally misspeaks in the middle of her speech.

But be careful, while making fun of yourself can come across as easy-going and likeable, it can turn into a pity-party and that’s never a good look. 

4. Know what you want to say

True, giving a speech in front of a ton of people you know (and don’t know) can be a daunting task. 

Think back to giving presentations in school. You probably had a tight grip on your notecards or the podium and did not move around an inch. 

When it comes to rocking wedding speeches, know what you want to say and ditch the notecards. Speak from the heart and don’t stress if you lose your train of thought, no one expects you to be a professional public speaker. 

This brother and sister pair does a great job with their speech because they make use of the dancefloor and know what they want to say. 

And even though the brother forgets his line, he doesn’t stress it but jumps straight back in after glancing at his emergency notes. 

5. Keep the wedding speech short & sweet

Wedding speeches can be a drag, so keep it short and sweet, so that the wedding guests can hit the dance floor ASAP. 

Make sure to have enough material for a memorable speech, but there’s no need to flesh out every tiny detail. 

Say what you came there to say, then take your leave. Like this dude!

What do you think makes a wedding speech great?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment below. 

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