You plan every part of the wedding day, from getting ready to the ceremony. And you have every minute of the reception mapped out. But, unfortunately, all the fun has to come to an end at some point. So make sure you also plan how you want to exit your wedding reception!

Traditionally, guests throw rice at the newlyweds to signify their well wishes for prosperity and fertility.

While it’s a myth that throwing rice at weddings is harmful to birds,

…you know, they eat the rice and then…

yeti boom

(Per experts ornithologists, throwing rice DOES NOT harm the birds.)

But nevertheless, being bombarded with a million little pieces of rice can be hurtful and also a major pain to clean up. 

So instead we have compiled a list of 7 ways to exit your wedding reception that are neither harmful nor tough to clean.

1. Sparkler Send-Off

exit wedding reception sparkler send off

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A fun way to exit an evening wedding reception is to have your guests line up and light sparklers. Then, you and your new spouse make your way through.

Not only is it an affordable send-off, it’s also easy for your guests to do and does not require much clean up. Simply offer metal trash cans (optionally with sand) and remind your guests to dispose of the used sparklers.

Last but not least, it makes for some beautiful photo ops! 

2. Blow Bubbles

exit wedding reception bubbles

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Another idea that requires very little skill or clean up is to distribute fun bubble wands to your guests. 

You can even have the bottles customized to fit your wedding! 

It’s a very sweet way to exit your wedding reception and lends itself to day-time weddings as it would be harder to see the bubbles in the dark. 

3. Wave Flags 

Want your guests to have a keepsake of your wedding? 

How about combining your exit with a cute wedding guest gift!

Set up a little table instructing your guests to grab a flag to wave as you exit your wedding reception like this: 

grab a flag sign

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4. Champagne Shower

Feel like a real winner with this idea for exiting your wedding reception: a champagne shower!!! 

exit your wedding reception champagne shower

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You’ll need a shower after this one and it may be a bit more pricey than bubbles or sparklers, but whatever, right? 

It’s definitely worth it to feel like a champion!

5. Sneak Out

If you’re not into making a big scene about yourself, one way to exit your wedding reception is to simply sneak out. 

True, you’re the center of attention on your wedding day, so it may be hard to sneak past your wedding guests. 

Hard, but not impossible. 

You could pull them out on the dance floor with a 90s throwback medley, pretend you’re just going to the bathroom real quick, or say you and your new spouse just wanted to go take some final pictures. 

When they finally realize you’re no longer there, you’ll be long gone on your way to your honeymoon destination. 

man running away

Another twist on this idea, that also makes it extra emotional, is to pre-record a video of the two of you thanking your guests for being there and celebrating your special day with you. 

And as everybody is watching the video through teary eyes, you sneakily exit your wedding reception without anyone noticing. 

6. Don’t Exit Your Wedding Reception Before Your Guests 

Who says you HAVE to exit your wedding?

One way to exit your wedding reception is simply NOT to do it at all. 

just don't do it

I always thought it was a bit awkward to leave before your guests and maybe even leave the clean up to them. 

And also FOMO!!! 

What if the party keeps going on and on and on without you?! 

Or what if you plan to exit your wedding reception only to circle around the block once then come back to wrap everything up? *awk*

jimmy fallon hashtag tweet

So, skip the whole thing and just don’t exit your wedding reception before your guests. 

You’ll have extra time to spend with everyone since they will be able to stop by your table or say their goodbyes on their way out. 

What other ways of exiting your wedding reception can you think of? 

Share with us in the comments below!