You’re excited about your wedding day, so naturally, you want your wedding guests to look forward to it as well. 

It’s worth spending a couple of minutes to consider what specifically makes your wedding guests look forward to your wedding day. 

That way, you can make sure they can fully enjoy themselves without having to give up your wedding vision. 

Here are 5 things that wedding guests look forward to on your wedding day. 

1. Being a part of your special day 

Being invited to a wedding, especially in times of Covid-19 when your wedding guest list is reduced to the absolute minimum, is a special honor. 

you're really really special

Wedding guests look forward to celebrating the most special day of your life with you and being there to witness the love between you and your fiancé.

Of course, they understand that you will be a barrel of emotions and likely be pulled in a hundred different directions. Nevertheless, you should make a conscious effort to spend some quality time with your wedding guests. 

2. Spending time with old friends

wedding guests look forward to spending time with friends

Weddings are occasions that bring people together. 

And not only do your wedding guests look forward to spending time with you, but they are also excited to see friends they haven’t seen since college or even high school! 

You’ve dreamed of this day together and celebrated the highs and lows of life (this far) together. So, of course, it’s special to be there for your wedding day in person!

Plus, depending on how you met your friends, there may be a cool wedding tradition that will add memories to your wedding reception. For example, if you were all in the same sorority or fraternity there’s probably a song that’s traditionally sung at weddings, or if you were part of the rugby team, your old teammates may get together and perform a traditional Haka. 

At the same time, keep in mind that you don’t want to invite just anyone you’ve ever met or your entire graduating class. Here are some opinions on inviting old friends you haven’t seen in a while. 

3. Dancing

Good music is an absolute MUST-HAVE for your wedding reception. 

wedding guests look forward to dancing

Your wedding guests look forward to dancing the night away and that’s hard to do to bad music.

Whether you opt for a band or DJ, make sure to go over some music choices beforehand and include some crowd-pleasers that are sure to get your guests on the dance floor. 

A fun way to make sure your guests look forward to the music that’s being played is to include a line on the RSVP card (or send a WedTexts link!) to ask them what songs they’d like to hear. 

wedding guests look forward to song suggestions

4. “Let them eat cake”

Maybe this is just me, but if your guests are like me they will really look forward to the cake cutting…and eating! 

The suspense of “Will they smash the cake in each other’s face or be civilized?” followed by a sweet treat whether that’s actual cake or a cupcake version of the wedding cake or even cobblers, pies, or donuts! There’s no discrimination when it comes to dessert! 

A fair warning on the topic of cake smashing: unless you are both absolute pranksters that can take a joke, be careful with this wedding “tradition”. You don’t want to start off your new life together with the memory of forcefully shoving baked goods up each other’s noses like these people.

5. Open Bar

In short, your wedding guests look forward to having a good time at your wedding. 

And while some argue that you don’t need alcohol to party, it certainly doesn’t hurt. 

To make it even easier on your guests, offer a well-stocked open bar, so they can fully enjoy themselves without having to run out of the reception venue to get to a cash ATM.

forrest gump running

(Been there, done that 🙄) 

What other things do you think your wedding guests look forward to?

Share with us in the comment below!

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