The first thing we all want to do when the global Covid-19 pandemic is over is to spend time with our closest friends and visit family. So when your wedding is finally happening, how will you make sure to spend quality time with your wedding guests? 

Your emotions are already running haywire on your wedding day. And between getting ready, the ceremony, bridal pictures, and the reception the day will seem like it’s flying by. 

Here are some ideas of how to make sure you can spend quality time with your wedding guests.

1. Don’t pinch the pennies when it comes to time

Some venues may give you a reduced rate if you agree to be in and out in a certain amount of time. 

Believe me, I love saving money like a fat kid loves cake. 

kid loves cake

BUT, if you want to spend quality time with your wedding guests, you should save in other places. 

If you still need help setting up a wedding budget, check out our FREE budget calculator tool!

2. Give yourself room in the timeline

Even Type-A personality brides will find out that weddings rarely go according to schedule.

Hair and makeup runs over, grandma needs more time to get to the bridal photo location, you have to wait out a rainstorm before your outdoor ceremony…

Murphy’s Law will hit when it wants to. 

Enjoy spending quality time with your wedding guests! 

Give yourself some grace and don’t stress over being behind schedule!

3. Plan a welcome party or day-after brunch

spend quality time with wedding guests  welcome party

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One of the biggest wedding planning mistakes couples make is trying to fit too many things into one day. 

Instead of trying (and failing) to spend any quality time with your wedding guests at your reception, plan a welcome party or day-after brunch

This will allow an additional time frame to hang out with your wedding guests.

4. Use WedTexts to keep your guests in the loop

Guests who know what’s happening, when, and where are happy guests. 

Use pre-scheduled WedTexts wedding text message reminders to keep your guests in the loop of what’s going on throughout your wedding weekend.

For example, give them all the details for your day-after brunch! It could look like this:

wedding text message reminder

While this isn’t exactly spending quality time with your wedding guests, it will make them feel super valued and important.

They will feel appreciated and they will thank you for spending the time to ensure they have a smooth experience at your wedding. 

Sign up for your FREE account today!

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5. Offer an open chair (or two) at the head table

This idea is like the receiving line’s little sister.

While you enjoy your reception dinner, offer an open chair (or two) for your guests to join you at the head table. 

This way, instead of circling the room and missing out on the noms, you can enjoy your dinner AND spend quality time with  your wedding guests. 

6. Go with a casual dinner

food truck wedding reception

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Speaking of food, the type of dinner you choose to serve at your wedding can have a huge effect on how much time there is to spend with your wedding guests. 

For example, choosing a family-style or pre-paid food truck over a seated, plated dinner will be much more communal and casual than a seated dinner.

7. Have a fun send-off

The idea here is very similar to the receiving line. 

Ask all your guests to line up and send you off with bubbles, sparklers, color bombs, or whatever else you can come up with! 

While you will not have the time to stop and speak to each of your wedding guests, it is a great way to see all of them as you exit your wedding.

8. Optimize your guest list

Fewer guests = more time to spend with each of them

Brainstorm your guest list, then give it a do-over and cross people off as you go. 

If you need help creating your guest list, check out this super helpful article we wrote!

You can even create an A and B-guest list. So, if guests from your A-guest list RSVP “no” you can invite people from your B-guest list.

Really, this tip should be at the beginning of the list because it is one of the top ways to make sure you can spend quality time with your guests. 

But…it’s not exactly the funnest or easiest to do. 

You want to celebrate your wedding day with EVERYONE and we don’t blame you!

9. Be present

stressed out

Keep in mind that while you may be annoyed with aunt Karen for stopping you on your way to the bathroom to chat, this may be her only chance to spend quality time with you. 

Do your best to stay present and not wish the time away, even if it’s painful in the moment.

(This is much easier said than done.)

10. Have a receiving line

spend quality time with wedding guests receiving line

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This is probably the most traditional way to spend quality time with your guests. 

After the ceremony, you and your new spouse will head over to the reception area first, before any of the other guests arrive.

Greeting them at the reception entrance is a great way to make sure you can hug or shake hands with every one of your guests. 

Side note: The main disadvantages of a receiving line are that you only have very limited time with each guest and they will experience a long wait time until they get to you.

What are some other ways you can think of to spend quality time with your wedding guests?

Share your ideas with us in the comments! 

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