I’ve been doing a TON of research lately on your wedding guests’ frequently asked questions.

And there’s one giant message that kept smacking me across the face as I documented close to 300 different potential wedding FAQs to figure out the ones that you ACTUALLY need on your wedding website.

What was it?

It was the INTENTION behind all of the questions.

It’s quite simple actually.

Through my research, I have discovered that there’re really only TWO reasons that lead to your wedding guests’ FAQs.

Decisions vs. Details

That’s it.

Your wedding guests are frequently asking questions that either:

  1. Help them make a decision
  2. Give them details about your wedding they don’t know.

This difference is SOOO important to keep in mind. 

Now that you know the intention behind your wedding guests frequently asked questions, it will help you write a useful and informative wedding website FAQ section.

I’m currently writing the end-all-be-all blog post about wedding guests’ frequently asked questions, but before I put the finishing touches on that blog post, I wanted to help get you started with this mini-lesson.

Let’s start with the decisions your guests are trying to make.

Decisions your guests are trying to make

Here’s a brief list of the MANY decisions your wedding guests are trying to make before, during, and after your wedding.

FAQs Before Your Wedding

  1. What should I wear?
  2. What will the weather be like at your wedding?
  3. Where should I stay?
  4. Will there be food and drinks at the reception?
  5. Is there going to be food at the wedding that will fit my diet or should I eat before I come?
  6. Will my grandparents, who are in a wheelchair, be able to access your venue or will we need to find another solution?
  7. Is transportation being provided to and from the wedding or should I rent a car?

FAQs During Your Wedding

  1. How can I be respectful of your religion even though I don’t believe the same way?
  2. What other wedding events can I participate in?
  3. Where should I sit during the ceremony?
  4. What can I share on social media during the wedding?
  5. What else can I do when I’m not needed for the wedding?

FAQs After Your Wedding

  1. May I take one of the table centerpieces home with me? (this is an older tradition)
  2. Should I stay through Sunday or can I leave after the wedding?

And mind you, this is just a short list…

In my upcoming mega-post, I’ll walk you through all of the most important wedding guest FAQs you MUST include on your wedding website.

Guests can be suuuppper needy, so having answers to these frequently asked questions by your wedding guests is a great way to cut down on the time you spend answering questions.

Now that you’ve helped them make their decisions, it’s time to keep them informed on all the details.

Details your guests need to know

You’d figure that most of the decisions wedding guests are trying to make, they can make on their own. Or at worst, with a little help from Google.

But what your guests can’t do is figure out all the details about your wedding.

And until recently, the traditional way of wedding communication includes LOTS of paper stationery like Save-the-Dates and Invitations. 

If you’re like me, you don’t want to keep up with paper itineraries all weekend…and neither do your guests.

Guests often forget invitations at home, lose paper itineraries, or don’t even know how to find the wedding website you spent hours building…Heck! They probably don’t even know it exists! 

During your wedding weekend, their options are awkwardly asking other guests, who don’t know either, or texting or calling you, which is SUPER annoying for everyone involved. 

With this said, we’ve already established how important the details are to your guests.

So, what do you do?

For starters, you should definitely create a wedding website FAQ that includes the specific details for ALL of your events.

(Wait, didn’t you just say that no one even knows my wedding website exists? — I did, but more on that later; stick with me. 😉)

Just keep the FAQ page informative and to the point (like this blog post!).

To get you started, here are some of the details that will surround your wedding guests’ frequently asked questions.

Wedding Guests’ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I bring my kids?
  2. How and when should I RSVP?
  3. How and where are you registered?
  4. Can I bring a date?
  5. I still have questions, how can I bother get in touch with you to ask them?
  6. Is there a difference between the bridal party and the wedding party?
  7. What time is the rehearsal dinner?
  8. Do I have to go to the rehearsal dinner?
  9. When does the ceremony start?
  10. Where do I go after the ceremony is over?
  11. When does the reception end?
  12. Is there a wedding brunch?
  13. …basically all of the information you included on your save-the-dates and invitations plus so much more

Again, this is a tiny list compared to the amount of questions guests can come up with.

(Wait, seriously, if no one knows my website exists why does this even matter? — That takes me to my next point.)

With such a daunting task, how do you keep your wedding guests informed with all your wedding details?

Easy, just update your guests before, during, and after your wedding weekend with pre-scheduled wedding reminders from WedTexts!

What is WedTexts you ask? 

Specifically, it’s the ONE thing that shows wedding guest appreciation best through effortless communication.

It’s what we like to call an app-less app because it allows you to contact all of your guests at the same time through text messages, which they already know how to receive. 

(Did you know 95% of text messages are seen within 3 minutes of being sent?)

Do you only have a certain group that you need to reach with an important update? 

No problem! 

It’s easy to upload and separate your contacts into groups like the bridal party, family, etc. 

Further, WedTexts offers Easy-Fill Templates© that will help you set up the most commonly sent messages in 5-minutes or less. 

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This REALLY comes in super handy when things change last minute.

Don’t think that’ll happen? Just check out Blaire’s story!! 

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