The beautiful invitations from (affiliate link) had finally come in. After stuffing the envelopes for 3 hours, and spending another $70 on stamps Kendall thought of how much money future brides could save with WedTexts.

She was very pleased with the print RSVP cards, but nervous about how many she was going to get back in the mail (and when). She had heard from a friend who recently got married that she had to call/text over 50 people to see if they were coming because they didn’t RSVP!

Part of her wished she would have simply created an online RSVP form on Google Forms, and sent a WedTexts reminder to her guests a few days after she mailed the invitations asking them to RSVP via the link. This would have saved her and Matthias a lot of time and money…

Before going to sleep that night Kendall confirmed with her stylist and makeup artist about the dry run the following Saturday. (Link to them here)

The next day she followed up with the hotels to see who had booked their rooms. For everyone else that still hadn’t booked their rooms she scheduled a WedTexts to remind them of the hotel room block cutoff date.

Sample Message:

This message was sent on August 24th

“Friendly reminder! The hotel room blocks end on September 1st. Please remember to book your hotel before then. For more information, visit our wedding website – Love Kendall & Matthias”

Kendall and Matthias - Wedding Texting

Can’t wait to continue the story? Or trying to catch up, you can see how the rest of their wedding planning goes by following this link –

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WedTexts is the easiest way to communicate with your wedding guests. We allow engaged couples to pre-schedule text messages to be sent during their wedding planning…for events such as:

–  RSVP reminders.

–  Tuxedo rental reminders.

–  Hotel room blocks.

–  Sharing their wedding website.

–  Sharing their wedding hashtag.

–  And all of their events during their wedding weekend.  (Welcome Party, Wedding Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, & Morning After Brunch)

Wedding texting with WedTexts ensures your guests have your event information when they need it most, and it is delivered directly to their cell phones!

Photo cred – Michael Chilemi with Studio 1 Photography