There’s an abundance of available wedding planning advice out there ranging from the big decisions such as honeymoons, wedding dresses and rings to the smaller ones like wedding hairstyles and choosing the dessert. However despite so much help around, there’s such a huge amount to remember that even the most organized bride-to-be can suffer a faux pas and forget something on the day!

As an online store, Jollybrolly has been around for over a decade. We’ve sold a lot of wedding umbrellas – and are fortunate to have experienced a lot of lovely weddings. Below are our top 5 things we’ve noticed over the years that brides tend to forget for the big day.

1. Timing: We wrote a post on our blog recently about leaving enough time for your wedding. One piece of advice we quoted in this was from a highly experienced wedding planner who said that when it came to the bridal party getting ready, she recommended the following for all bridesmaids doing their own makeup; ask them how long it’ll take, double it and then add another hour! She also recommends leaving around 30 minutes just to put on the dress – it’s the last one you’ll wear as a single lady after all.

2. Shoes: This is another thing it’s easy to forget. You buy beautiful, expensive, breathtaking… and highly uncomfortable wedding shoes. You finish the ceremony, go to have a boogie at the reception and all of a sudden walking to the dance floor is akin to torture. Buying a separate pair of shoes – kitten heels or non-plastic are best – can pay dividends when it comes to keeping those tootsies pain free after a long day of standing.


Anna Maria Liljestrand

3. Weather Insurance: We’ve had many a frantic bride-to-be look at the weather forecast right before her wedding and have a panic when clouds are aplenty. We even started offering a special rapid delivery service for when this invariably happens.

Our wedding umbrellas range in price and detail, but all will keep you dry should mother nature decide to let it rain. And if it does – don’t panic. Just have a browse of the Internet and you’ll see how absolutely stunning wet weather wedding photos can be.

4. Transport: If the ceremony venue and the reception venue are far apart it’s easy to forget to arrange or research the best transport between the two.

By Currier & Ives. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Currier & Ives. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

5. Licensing: This happens more often than you’d think and can be a catastrophic mistake. Ensure all the necessary licenses are present and correct!

With thanks for the wonderful WedTexts for allowing us some time on their blog!