Among the “I Dos,” the food, the drinks, and the dancing, the wedding guest book is often a part of the wedding that gets overlooked or forgotten by you AND your guests.

The wedding guest book is a souvenir for you and your spouse that will be a constant reminder of all of the wonderful people who shared in your special day.

If you’re going to keep it forever, it needs to be more than just a book – it should be something that is meaningful for both of you.

To help you create a wedding guest book that will keep the memories fresh in your hearts for years to come, we’ve compiled this list of creative wedding guest book ideas!

Take a look at some of these unique and non-traditional wedding guest book ideas that you and your guests won’t easily forget.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas to Enhance Your Guest Experience

Wedding Guest Book Idea #1 –
A “Tip” Jar!

Your guests can leave pieces of advice on topics such as date ideas or how to have a long-lasting marriage in the jar.

Bonus! These jars could also double as vintage pieces for your reception tables.

Side by side image of a wedding tip jar
Source: Unkown

#2 – “Travel” the Globe!

Trade out the book for a map or a globe for your loved ones to sign!

Your guests could write notes or leave their names on the globe, which can decorate your home after the wedding.

Tan globe with signatures used as a wedding guest book

#3 – The Good ‘Ole Photo Booth!

No one can go wrong with a photo booth!

Have the photo booth print out two of each photo set. One for your guests to take home and one for a guest book picture collage.

6 bridesmaids with props at a photo-booth
Image by Kickstand Studio

#4 – Puzzled!

Have your guests sign a puzzle piece that you can put together after the wedding to remember the memories.

Wedding Guest Book Idea - puzzle piece that says, "Without you, our puzzle wouldn't be complete... Please sign a piece"

Buy a blank set of wooden puzzle pieces that they can write loving messages on.

Wedding Guest Book Idea #5 –
A “Finger” Painting!

A fingerprint guest book created for you completely by your guests.

Wedding Guest Book Idea - couple putting thumb prints on a tree painting

There are a ton of ideas for backgrounds and outlines to use (just make sure the ink is washable).

#6 – Bucket Lists!

Chalk sign that reads, "in lieu of a guestbook leave us a note, an idea... a plan, but, most importantly an adventure to add to our bucket list."
Image by Jessica Haley Photography via

Have your guests create a bucket list of suggestions they think you should do with your significant other now that you’re married!

#7 – Message in a Bottle

Have your guests write messages on slips of parchment that they’ll place in the giant bottle.

message in a bottle wedding guest book idea on a rack with a sign explaining what to do

Save the bottle and read them on your first anniversary.

#8 – Wall Art

Pick out a  “statement piece” for your home that you can hang on the wall and have your guests sign the piece.

A few ideas would be:

  • Giant initial for your last name
  • Sign with a saying you love
  • Map of your hometown or city in which you’re getting married, or where you first met
  • Etc…
Wall art with wedding couples initials and signatures from all the guests used as a wedding guest book
Image by Julia Seiler Photography via Unknown

#9 – Dinner for Two!

Pick out 2 matching plates that don’t go with your regular set or china pattern and have your guests write well wishes on both with a permanent marker.

Wedding guest signatures on a platter

After baking them to seal in the messages, use them every time you cook a meal together (or for special occasions).

Wedding Guest Book Idea #10 –
Shakespeare in Love!

Select a book of love poems and have your guests sign their favorite.

As you enjoy the poems together, you’ll also get to see the beautiful messages from friends and family.

Small open page book with a poem

#11 – A Bottle of Your Finest Red, Please!

Select a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne and have your guests sign the bottle instead of a wedding guest book.

Message on a bottle wedding guest book idea with sign explaination

Save the bottle for a special occasion, such as your anniversary.

#12 – Pillow Talk!

Pick out decorative pillows that match the decor in a room of your home (a guest room or sunroom for example).

Use fabric markers to have your guests sign the pillows.

After the wedding, you’ll always have your friends and family’s blessing close at hand.

Wedding guest signatures on a pillow

#13 – Have Yourself a “Marry” Little Christmas!

Wedding guest signatures on white Christmas ornaments
Source: Unknown

For the winter wedding, have your guests write messages on Christmas tree bulbs or ornaments to use on your tree for your first Christmas as a married couple.

#14 – Cooking Lessons!

For the chef, pick out a copy of your favorite cookbook.

Wedding guest book ideas - cookbook and explanation sign
Image by Melissa of Marble Rye Photography via Pop The Campaign Events

Have guests sign their messages next to a recipe, so as you cook, you’ll constantly be reminded of their love and support.

Wedding Guest Book Idea #15 –
You Make My Heart Sing!

Print off or buy the sheet music for your first dance song.

Wedding first dance music sheet with couple image underneath

Not only will you have the music and lyrics to frame, but you’ll also have all the wishes from your loved ones.

#16 – Wedding Guest Book Video Messages!

Have an old iPad or tablet lying around?

Have it at the wedding so guests can record video/voice messages instead of written ones.

Welcome to the wedding guest book of the future!

Chalk sign that reads, "Please leave us your well wishes on the iPad video message - Thank you!"
Source: Unknown

#17 – A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words!

Have your favorite engagement photo blown up and put on a canvas.

Your friends and family can leave their wishes for you to hang on your wall.

Wedding couple with frame and mat with guest signatures that is used as a great wedding guest book idea
Image by Tara Rochelle Photography

#18 – Roses are Red…

Pick out a vase for your home and have your guests sign it at the wedding.

Not only can you use it to display flowers after your wedding, but you can also have it used as a centerpiece at the sweetheart table at your wedding once guests have signed.

White vase with wedding guest signatures on it

#19 – Let’s Play a Game!

Have your guests be a part of game night.

Have everyone sign a chess or checkerboard, Jenga set, or even the blank spaces of your favorite board game.

Jenga wooden blocks with wedding guest signatures and a sign that says, "Help us build memories by signing our Jenga Guest Book!"
Image by Brienne Michelle Photography

Every time you play you’ll be able to see their beautiful wishes.

Wedding Guest Book Idea #20 –
Photo Evidence!

Don’t have your guests sign anything, stick with me on this one…

Have polaroids or disposable cameras in a basket and have your guests take photos during the event.

It’s not only interactive but I’m sure the photos will be way more interesting than anything your guests could write.

Poloroid cameras on a barrel with signs explaining to use them in place of the wedding guest book

While many of these options are a great step away from the “traditional” wedding guest book, make sure you and your fiance put your own spin on it.

It’s a memento from your wedding that you’ll want to keep for years to come, so make it something meaningful to you.

After all, you’re not planning an “average” wedding, why settle for an average guest book?

What are some other unique and creative wedding guest books you’ve seen before?

Please tell us in the comments below!