It might be hard to believe that a simple text messaging service can save the day by helping recover a family heirloom, but it’s true.

However, we don’t want to tell you about how amazing WedTexts is – that means close to nothing coming from us.

The best way we can think of to show you what an integral part of your wedding WedTexts can be is to let the customers tell you.

That’s right… real people, from real weddings, using WedTexts and giving you their honest opinions.

The story below is from Kristen Schuette Loflin, who, as you’ll soon find out, used WedTexts to recover a lost relic.

Real Wedding Story From Couples Who Used WedTexts

Kristen Schuette Loflin wedding lost family heirloom
Photo by Harlock Photography

As you’re planning your wedding, there are a million different ideas, situations, needs and wants running through your mind. What venue will fit? How many guests? Should you provide transportation or not provide transportation?

The list can go on and on…

Thankfully, as I was planning every little detail, I had found the best tool to take care of communicating with all of our guests.

My husband and I were recently married in a beautiful ceremony in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We were first introduced to WedTexts at a wedding that we had attended back in 2015 and were quite impressed.

It was a no brainer that we needed it for our special day. After all, our wedding was essentially a destination wedding for many of our family and friends.

Like most customers, I could rave about how wonderful and useful it was. However, it was shortly after the reception that WedTexts really saved my wedding day!

The back story

Let me give you a little back-story before I get to the punch line…

My dad’s dad was an ordained minister in the Lutheran Church. Whenever he preached, my grandfather would wear a simple gold clerical cross. Since I was only six when he passed away, it is one of the few things I remember about my grandfather.

When my oldest brother was getting ready to marry, (he’s the oldest cousin on my dad’s side and the first of my cousins to get married) my Aunt asked if he would like to have the family heirloom with him on his wedding day.

A tradition was born

Kristen Loflin's family heirloom
Photo by Harlock Photography

All of my grandfather’s grandchildren have had the cross with them in some way during their wedding.

We lost my Aunt on Good Friday of this year and this family heirloom meant so much to her. I couldn’t dream of the cross not being with me on my wedding day, so it was wrapped beautifully into my bouquet.

Kristen and Josh Loflin wedding photo smooshing cake in each other's face
Photo by Harlock Photography

The cross survived the pre-ceremony pictures, the ceremony, post-ceremony pictures and even the reception, until…

as we were preparing to depart from the reception venue, I went to grab my bouquet and noticed that the heirloom was gone!

The cross was lost

Having a minor panic attack, I had everyone still at the reception begin searching for the family heirloom. We couldn’t find it!

Before giving up entirely, I decided that I could try to use the amazing tool that had been communicating with our wedding guests all day.

With WedTexts, we were able to alert everyone that something meaningful had been misplaced and ask them to please look for it.

In less than ten minutes, I received a text on my phone featuring an image of the cross. The heirloom had fallen off and been picked up by a guest.

The cross was found!

It was back in our possession by the next morning!

Without WedTexts, who knows if we would have found the family heirloom. The guest who picked it up may not have known we were looking for it.

Throughout the weekend, WedTexts served as a great way to remind our loved ones of the upcoming festivities.

Even better, WedTexts became a tool that helped find a sentimental family heirloom.

When you’re planning your wedding, just remember that WedTexts can be the one thing that saves your special day.

It sure saved mine!

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