Did you know that WedTexts is the ONLY wedding planning tool that will get you through postponing your wedding due to Covid-19? 

How so, you ask? 

We’ll let our REAL WedTexts bride, Laura tell you her story.


WE could just tell you all about the amazing benefits for you and your guests 😉…

Like how WedTexts lets you send UNLIMITED pre-scheduled or real-time text message reminders to all your guests, keeping them up-to-date about any changes you make to your wedding planning. 

Or that your guests won’t need to download an app, hold on to a paper itinerary, or remember your wedding website because WedTexts are sent directly to your guests’  text messages. So anyone who can receive a text message can receive wedding text message reminders through WedTexts!! (Your guests will thank you big time for this!)

Not to mention that WedTexts saves you time because with the help of our Easy-Fill© Templates, you will be able to set up the most commonly sent wedding text message reminders in 5 minutes or less! 

You’ll find out that not only will you be saving yourself valuable time, you’ll also save a ton of money. 

Because while sending out new “Change-The-Dates” will cost you on average $1.79 per guest, WedTexts only costs $1.33 per guest on average. (And you get to use it until your wedding finally happens.) 

And all of that will convince you that WedTexts is the only thing that will get you through postponing your wedding due to Covid-19. 

But instead, we’ll let this REAL WedTexts bride tell you how WedTexts helped her postpone her wedding without losing her mind doing it 

Let me introduce you to Laura Kelly, a real WedTexts bride who originally purchased WedTexts to keep her guests in the loop about her wedding weekend events. 

Since a lot of her guests are from out of town and unfamiliar with the wedding location, she was planning to use WedTexts to send out wedding text message reminders

But then Covid-19 hit and everything about her April 25, 2020 wedding changed. 

Luckily, she had WedTexts to help her through all the changes that ensued. 

Scroll down to see clips of the video chat with us where Laura told us how exactly her wedding was affected by Covid-19 and how WedTexts was the only thing getting her through postponing her wedding. 

How was your wedding affected by Covid-19?

Laura and her fiancé, Evan, were notified only 30 days before their original wedding date that the venue postponed all events through July because of coronavirus.

What did Covid-19 change about your wedding? 

The biggest change about their postponed wedding was moving it from a Saturday to a Sunday, which means some of their guests and vendors are no longer able to attend.

How did you inform your guests about postponing your wedding?

Within 24 hours of finding out that their wedding would have to be postponed, Laura and Evan sent out a WedTexts to their 210 guests within minutes! “Texting all my guests individually, I mean, I would’ve had to take a day off of work!” Laura says.

How did your guests like receiving a WedTexts about changes to your wedding? 

While a wedding is all about the couple, you want to make sure that your guests have a good time and enjoy themselves, too.  “Our guests really appreciated that because in the time it would have taken us to send something out in the mail, it would have been cutting it too close,” says Laura. 

What’s been the hardest part of Covid-19 and your wedding? 

Laura and Evan are READY to start their married life together. So having to postpone their wedding and wondering if everything will go back to normal at that time, is the hardest part for them.

Why did you choose to have WedTexts for your wedding?

Many of Laura and Evan’s guests are not familiar with the wedding location, so Laura wanted to make sure that they know about fun things to do and stay in the loop in regards to the wedding events. WedTexts is perfect for exactly that because you can simply pre-schedule your text message reminders and rest easy that your guests will be well informed.

How did you deal with the stress of postponing your wedding due to Covid-19? 

One of the most stressful things for Laura was not knowing how she would communicate with all her guests at the same time. WedTexts, duh! 

Have you ordered your change-the-dates and how much does that cost?

Even though the vendor she chose is willing to help, it will still cost her $300 for ONE set of change-the-dates (and another $300 for ONE set of new invitations! 

(Did you know? WedTexts’ top-tier package only costs $300 and you can use it for UNLIMITED text message reminders until your wedding finally happens.)

How does the cost of WedTexts compare to traditional wedding stationery? 

Laura agrees! WedTexts is the only thing that saves her money when it comes to postponing the wedding. 

Did people actually use your wedding website? 

Nope. Their guests didn’t see the wedding website on the save-the-date or didn’t care to remember. And now Laura and Evan even created a new website with a URL that reflects the new wedding date! Luckily, they can send out WedTexts reminders to send everyone the new web address.

Does your fiancé help using WedTexts? 

If your sweetheart isn’t as helpful as Evan when it comes to wedding planning, here’s the foolproof way to get them involved.

What’s your #1 favorite thing about WedTexts?

The ability to pre-schedule a text message or to send it ASAP  is the feature that Laura loves most about WedTexts. “There are no limitations and it’s so customizable!”

Would you recommend WedTexts? 

WedTexts is an integral part of wedding planning for Laura. “Had we not had WedTexts, especially under these circumstances, I would be a lot more stressed out and would still be looking for a solution!”

Thank you, Laura, for your time! We are glad that WedTexts got you through postponing your wedding due to Covid-19. 

We wish you and Evan all the best! 

Let WedTexts help you through postponing your wedding due to Covid-19! 

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