Are you considering a weekday wedding? If you are, good for you! If you’re not, you definitely should – and here’s why! 

As if planning a wedding wasn’t already stressful enough, the coronavirus threw a major wrench into the wedding industry machine, wrecking everybody’s plans from couples to vendors. 

You obviously didn’t get married on your original wedding date and now have to postpone the whole thing. 

First things first, you call your venue and wedding vendors and…CRAP!! They’re booked every single weekend  from now until forever (or at least until summer 2021.) 

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Changing your wedding date is tough enough and you decide that changing your venue and vendors is just not an option for you. 

After all, it took a lot of time and effort to carefully choose who you wanted to work with in the first place. 

So, the next best option is to opt for a weekday wedding. 

Interestingly, the two most searched questions regarding weekday weddings are:

  1. Do people have weekday weddings? 
  2. Is it okay to have a weekday wedding? 

So, I’m going to venture a guess and say you are not too comfortable with the idea of a weekday wedding. 

But we’re here to tell you: GO FOR IT because weekday weddings are the BEST. 

1. It is OKAY.

i love lucy better than having a great big hole in my head

There are a lot of emotions that come with postponing your wedding due to coronavirus. 

So one of the most important things to know is that it is OKAY


Turns out, the ENTIRE wedding industry is in the same boat with you!

It is okay to feel all the feels and it is okay to move to a weekday wedding if that’s what works best for you. 

With everything going on in the world in 2020, most everybody wants to connect and feel a part of something. I bet your guests will feel the same and won’t care one bit about whether you plan a weekday wedding or a weekend wedding.

Remember: your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event and you get to decide how you want to spend the day.

2. Weekday weddings are not that uncommon.

Even though weddings in the US are most often held on Saturdays, that’s not the case in the rest of the world. 

Weekday weddings are totally normal when it comes to Indian weddings. 

In fact, Indian weddings typically have multiple ceremonies and events and span several days. It would be unthinkable to stuff it all into one Saturday afternoon! 

The only reason US weddings tend to take place during the weekend is because that time traditionally worked best for accommodating work-schedules. 

But guess what? We’ve all been working from home for the past couple of months and the world is still turning! 

Work schedules are getting more flexible and tailored to the employees’ needs, which means there’s no reason your guests can’t send a few emails remotely before heading over to your weekday wedding events. Or attend your evening wedding right after work.

3. You have a lot more options with a weekday wedding. 

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If you choose a weekday wedding, you will have a lot more options when it comes to scheduling your new wedding date. 

Is there a date that is important to you and your families like your parents’ anniversary or the day you first met?

Those likely weren’t an option before unless they magically happened to fall on a weekend. But now that you’re open to a weekday wedding, choosing a special date will make your wedding that much more special.

4. Plus, venues and vendors will have more availability. 

Chances are, your venue and vendors are already booked every single weekend until this time 2021. 

But luckily, they are likely to have availability for your weekday wedding.

Which, by the way, is a total win-win for you and them. 

Not only do you get to work with the vendor of your choosing, you also support their small business that suffered greatly during this time of shut-down due to coronavirus. 

5. And it’ll be cheaper, too.

weekday weddings save money

There are actually several reasons why weekday weddings tend to be cheaper. 

For one, your vendors likely have lower rates during the week as it is. 

You may also see fewer RSVPs, which cuts down your guest list and therefore your per-guest-expenses like chair and table rentals, catering, and wedding favors. 

Lastly, your weekday wedding likely won’t run into the early morning hours, which means you have to spend less money on the venue reservation. 

6. You can focus on spending time with your guests. 

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The bottom line is, you want to get married. 

And you want to get married surrounded by your friends and family and those who mean the most to you!

With a weekday wedding on a Monday, for example,  it will be much easier to spend time with your wedding guests during the weekend before. 

Your guests can arrive on Saturday or Sunday and have plenty of time to get settled, explore the destination, and attend any pre-wedding events you have planned without piling too much on their plate for one day. 

Especially if you have several out-of-town guests, welcome events can be a great addition to your wedding celebration. This can be anything from a rehearsal dinner to a full-blown party or a relaxed brunch. 

And speaking of guests…

Don’t forget to communicate with your guests as early as possible. 

Instead of waiting around for change-the-dates and invitations  (which by the way are a huge waste of money anyway) to be printed, send your guests a WedTexts wedding text message reminder as soon as you nail down a new wedding date. 

For your guests, it means having the maximum time possible to ask off of work and arrange travel plans. 

And for you, it’s an easy, stress-free way of communicating with all your guests at the same time. 

Remember how I said reprinting wedding stationery is a waste of money?

On average, a change-the-date will cost you $1.79 per guest and you get ONE use out of it.

With WedTexts you get to send unlimited wedding text message reminders for an average of $1.33 per guest until your wedding finally happens.

Not only that, it only takes 5 minutes or less to set up wedding text message reminders with WedTexts, whereas change-the-dates will take weeks from designing, to ordering, to mailing them out to your guests.

Real WedTexts bride Laura jokes “If I didn’t have WedTexts, I would’ve had to take off a day of work to call and text all my guests with an update.”

Ready to save yourself some valuable time and money? 

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