The big day is a few months away and you can’t wait to tie the knot. If you are already in the planning stage, you would know that it is an expensive affair. If you do not have a wedding budget, the overall expenses may add up immensely. One of the main areas where you can save money is on the wedding venue. It is one of the major expenses, but if you are smart about booking the venue, you will save on thousands of dollars. 

Here are 6 tips to save money on wedding venues

1. Plan an Off-Season Wedding 

Planning a wedding during the ‘wedding season’ can be quite heavy on the pockets. Everyone will be trying to book a venue, hire caterers, or buy from the same florists. When the demand is high, the venues and vendors will quote a higher price. 

Booking an off-season wedding is a great idea to save some money. The vendors will offer a lower price as they won’t be flooded with bookings. 

Speaking of vendors, hiring a wedding planner can actually help you save money in the long-run.

2. Consider a Weekday Wedding 

Wedding venues are cheaper on the weekdays as compared to weekends. Everyone chooses a weekend wedding and there is a high chance that the venue will receive a lot of requests. So, choose a Tuesday or Wednesday, as opposed to a Friday or Saturday. 

Moreover, you are more likely to get the venue you want, which is an advantage if it is a popular place. 

3. ‘Borrow’ a Venue from Friends or Family 

Does your friend or relative own a vacation home or farmhouse that can double as a wedding venue? Ask them if you could host your wedding there. 

In most cases, they will happily agree to let you have your wedding there. Most would share their venue as a wedding gift and you will end up saving money. 

If you do borrow a venue from someone you know, remember that you will have to rent most of the things. These include tables, chairs, cutlery, etc. Rent some portable toilets as well if your guest list is long.

light airy wedding venue

4. Book an All-Inclusive Venue 

Another budgeting tip is to book an all-inclusive venue. At such a place, the venue provides all the vendors you need. You won’t have to search for and book vendors separately. Using the venue’s suppliers means you will get discounts. Another advantage is that the vendors would have worked at the venue earlier, and will know how to decorate the place. 

However, before you choose an all-inclusive venue, do your homework and only then give the deposit. 

5. Plan the Wedding and Reception in One Place

Plan your marriage and reception at the same place on the same day. It isn’t unusual for many to host the wedding first and then the reception on some other day. But that means double the costs for the venue, décor, transportation, caterers and other wedding expenses.

Planning both the events on one day, and at the same place, will save you a lot of money. 

6. Trim Your Guest List 

Weddings are an occasion that you want to celebrate with a lot of people. However, keeping your guest list small will keep your pockets happy. While it is not an easy task to trim the guest list, it is a good way to keep the costs down. 

If you have fewer guests, you would need a smaller wedding venue. You would also spend less on rentals, food, and décor. 

Once you finalize a wedding venue, go through the wedding planning checklist to ensure that everything is on track. Weddings are beautiful, but they don’t have to break your bank. You can have a budget wedding without compromising on your wedding vision. 

About the author: 

Shiv Nanda is a financial analyst who currently lives in Bangalore (refusing to acknowledge the name change) and works with MoneyTap. Shiv is a true finance geek, and his friends love that. They always rely on him for advice on their investment choices, budgeting skills, personal financial matters, and when they want to get a loan. He has made it his life’s mission to help and educate people on various financial topics, so email him your questions at

Thanks for your super helpful contribution, Shiv! 

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