Are you racking your brain about how to plan the best wedding shower ever? 

It’s true that weddings are about more than just the ‘I Dos’. 

The events leading up to the big day can be just as exciting! Because after all, it’s all about celebrating the love between you and your fiancé(e) with your friends and family.

One of the events before your wedding is usually your wedding shower. 

Usually, a family member or someone in your wedding party plans it, but we’re not judging our Type-A personality brides (or grooms) who are highly involved in the preparations.

To make sure your wedding shower is the best ever, we have created the Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Wedding Shower. 

Keep reading to find out more about the can’t-miss parts of your best wedding shower – Invitations, Refreshments, Games, and Gifts! 


wedding shower invitation

You may be surprised to hear that it’s actually recommended to send out wedding shower invitations six to eight weeks before the event to allow your guests enough time to plan ahead, especially those coming from out of town.

What’s not surprising is that WedTexts is the perfect tool for sending out wedding shower invitations. 

wedding shower wedtexts invitation

Instead of spending tons of money on yet another single-use printed invitation that your guests lose (like your Save-the-Dates and wedding invites), you can send an unlimited number of WedTexts text message reminders. 

Your guests will love receiving WedTexts for your wedding shower invitation because they will have all the information they need at their fingertips. For example, if you include the wedding shower location, the address will link straight to the Maps app!

It’s also super convenient for you because you can schedule out the invitation as well as a handful of RSVP reminders – just make sure to include instructions on how to RSVP! 

Not only will your guests have all the information right at their fingertips, it also saves you time and money! 


Is it just me or is food the number one motivator for going anywhere? 

For your best wedding shower, you need to have some fun drinks and snacks for your guests. 

Since wedding showers typically take place in the late morning or early afternoon, you don’t want to serve a full meal. 

Instead, include some light and healthy finger foods as well as some spritzy drinks that your guests can snack on throughout the party.

Brunch Is Best

wedding shower pancake bar

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Yes, we said not to serve a full meal, but let’s be real. WE.LOVE.BRUNCH.

And you don’t have to spend all morning in the kitchen to whip up a delicious spread of brunch-themed snacks for your bridal shower. 

The day before your bridal shower, fry up some thin pancakes to serve with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and syrup for a pancake bar. 

And for a savory snack, throw together these super easy sausage balls.

Last but not least, grab a few different juices like orange, grapefruit, and raspberry lemonade, and slice up some fresh lemons and oranges to mix with some bubbly for a super fun mimosa bar. 

Pink Is The New Black 

pink snack food

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Instead of going with a brunch theme, go with a color-theme. 

Choose foods with your wedding colors, seasonal colors, or another one of your favorite colors – like pink! 

For snacks, whip up some pink strawberry fruit dip and grab some adorable pink mini cupcakes. 

And your guests will love cheersing to your wedding with this pink cotton candy champagne. 

International Flair

taco bar

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Taco ‘bout a party – give your bridal shower some international flair!

Setting up a taco bar couldn’t be easier and you could even rent a Margarita slushie machine.

Your guests are sure to love it.


Personally, I think the more games the better. Unfortunately, not everybody loves playing wedding shower games, so you should plan about two or three. 

That way you can have some fun with your wedding shower guests without overwhelming them. 

Choose one or two that your guests can participate in throughout the party as well as one or two that you can all play together.

Popsicle Stick Date Ideas 

wedding shower date jar

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One game that your guests can participate in on their own time is the popsicle-stick-date-jar. 

Ask your wedding shower guests to think of a fun date-night idea and write it on a popsicle stick. The finished products then go into a cute mason jar. 

You and your new spouse can take turns drawing from the jar for date-night inspiration.

Don’t Say It

Another game that can run throughout the entire wedding shower is the “Don’t Say It” game. 

Determine a word or two, like bride,groom, or wedding, that your guests are not allowed to say. 

At the beginning of the shower, every guest gets a bracelet and is instructed not to mention the chosen words (Of course, you can say the word while explaining the game.)

If they slip up and use the word and another guest calls them out, that guest gets the bracelet. 

The wedding shower guest with the most bracelets wins.

Who’s Who

This game can be played in two ways (or both). 

Simply write up a list of things you or your future spouse do or say without saying who.

Get everybody’s attention and read this list aloud while your guests guess who said or did what. 

The other way in which you can play this game is by decorating the venue with baby photos of you and your future spouse. 

Your guests can then guess which one of you is on the picture. 

Guess The Dress/Suit

wedding shower guess the dress

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Your guests will be your designers! 

Print these templates and hand them out for your guests. Don’t forget to also give them some white (or colored) pencils.

They can then design what they think your dress or suit will (or should) look like! 


Now, let’s talk about the real reason we’re all here…

Gifts, gifts, gifts!

Your wedding shower guests will likely turn to your registry to find the perfect gift for you and your future spouse. 

Make sure you share with them where you are registered. 

Psst, you could send out a WedTexts that links to your wedding registry! Saves your guests work and saves you from pesky text messages to respond to.

wedding shower registry wedtexts

Keep in mind that your wedding guests will have different budgets and ideas about what they want to give you for your wedding. 

And for more things to think about, head on over to our friends at Budget Savvy Bride who created this awesome guide on how to set up your wedding registry! 

What other wedding shower ideas should we add to our list?

Share your ideas with us in the comments.