Coronavirus is making you move your wedding date. BUMMER!!!

First of all, you are not alone!

Believe me, the entire wedding industry hates this pandemic as much as you do.

But despite all the emotions that come with it, we all have to do what we must. And for you, that means postponing your wedding to next year.

move your wedding date im waiting

While I totally understand that you want to get married as soon as possible, there are at least six reasons why you need to go ahead and move your wedding date to 2021.

1. You May Have To Move Your Wedding Date Again

Just think about this. 

You go through all the stress of postponing your wedding date to the fall, basically replanning your entire wedding, and WOMP…

The “2nd Wave” of Covid-19 hits and you’re forced to do it all again.

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Murphy’s Law exists for a reason. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong… especially in 2020.

If I’m certain of one thing, it’s this…

2020 is a dangerous year to plan a fun event.

Save yourself the headache and move your wedding date to 2021.

2. Don’t waste money on “Change-The-Dates”

You’ve already spent A LOT of money on things like save-the-dates and invitations, and deposits for your wedding vendors and venue.

And I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that your wedding budget only included enough to cover those line items once. 

If your hours got cut or your paycheck just is not what it usually is because of Covid-19, you probably can’t pay for another set of stationery. 

Michael Scott The Office I declare bankruptcy

Instead of wasting more money on “change-the-dates” or new invitations, use WedTexts to communicate all your wedding changes. 

Unlimited WedTexts costs on average $1.33 per guest. (And you get to use it until your wedding finally happens.)

Sending out new change-the-dates are gonna cost you on average $1.79 per guest! That’s $1.44 per guest PLUS $0.35 per guest for postcard postage.

And you only get ONE use out of them. Woof!

Make the budget-savvy move and get started with your free Wedtexts account today.

3. Your Bridal Party & Guests May Have Other Things Planned

Everybody who had their wedding planned for April, May or June 2020 will be rescheduling their wedding date. 

So, many of your friends and family may already be committed to another wedding. 

Even if they are free on the new date that you chose, they may not be able to take time off for the events surrounding your big day. 

And again, even if they are able to take time off during the second part of the year, they may not want to if they were severely affected financially by the coronavirus.

bridesmaids movie kristen wiig help me i'm poor

And TBH, it might still be too risky to have a large gathering of people in an intimate space. Lots of guests are going to politely decline because they are concerned with their health risk.

But if you move your wedding to 2021, you will have a much better chance that they will be available, willing, and able to take time off. 

4. Your Wedding Theme & Style Don’t Work In A Different Season

Since your wedding was originally scheduled for the spring, your wedding colors and theme likely reflect the light and airy season.

You already coordinated all the flowers and decorations with your vendors. And your bridal party has already ordered their dresses and suits.  

It’s highly unlikely that they can all just return their outfits, get their money back, and reorder new colors. So, you decide to stick with the original colors.

And Type-A personality brides will know that a fall or winter wedding just won’t look right with bright spring colors like coral or aqua. 

move your wedding date phoebe friends what do i do

Why would you waste time planning two separate weddings?

If you move your wedding date to 2021, you can plan it for the same season meaning you won’t have to rethink your wedding colors and theme and save yourself a bunch of time!

5. Your Vendors and Venues May Already Be Booked

There’s a small chance that vendors and venues that you wanted to work with are available later in the year. But more than likely other couples who had to move their wedding date already snatched up their availability. 

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life and you shouldn’t have to compromise. 

Especially since you already have to go through the struggle of having to move your wedding date.

If you move your wedding to next year, you will have a much better chance of getting to work with who you want. 

Plus, maybe you even get to work with your dream wedding venue that was unavailable for your original wedding date but now has availability for 2021.

6. You Could Use The Extra Time

If you’re less of a Type-A personality bride and more laid back, you may have procrastinated on some things. You may have said to yourself:“If only I had more time…” 

Well, while this is probably not the way you imagined it, you got your wish! 

Especially if you don’t work the same amount you normally would have, spend that time working on some DIY centerpieces, miscellaneous decoration or gifts for your bridal party.

Did you order your wedding dress just a little too small because you were totally losing the weight? Use this extra time and focus on healthy eating. 

move your wedding date use extra time to lose weight baymax poking belly

The good thing is that this doesn’t just help you right now. It is also a great kickstart for healthy habits for the future. 

It also gives you a bit of control in these uncertain times when you’re struggling with the emotions of dealing with a situation that no one can truly control. 

WedTexts is the smart way to move your wedding date

WedTexts is the only wedding planning tool that will 100% get you through this uncertain time. 

Keep your guests in the loop with unlimited pre-scheduled or real-time text message reminders and find all things wedding planning right here on our blog. 

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