What’s a better way to show pride than at your wedding?  

Publicly declaring your love to one another in front of all of your friends and family is the ultimate proof that love wins every time! 

While some people may consider pride weddings to be non-traditional… 

(Can we just say…🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄)

…. there’s absolutely no reason you have to dispense with common wedding traditions. 

In fact, we have created this list of how to show pride with these 15 common wedding traditions. 

1. Bachelor/ette Party

two brides are better than one shirt

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While straight couples usually don’t spend their bachelor and bachelorette party together, you can show some pride by sharing your bachelor/ette party with your future spouse!

2. Bridal Party

same-sex-wedding bridal party

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It’s a wedding tradition to have bridesmaids on the bride’s side and groomsmen on the groom’s side. However, it’s not always easy to balance the numbers between guys and girls. Instead, show pride by make up your bridal party of the people who matter most in your life regardless of sex.

3. Guest Dress Code

rainbow dresses

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What would be a better way to show pride at your wedding than to ask your guests to dress in the colors of the rainbow. 

(But if that’s not your style, one of these guest dress codes is sure to work for you!)

4. Gift Registry

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Instead of registering for household gifts, show pride at your wedding by asking your guests to donate to an LGBTQ+  friendly charity like these: 

The Trevor Project

Equality Federation

LGBTQ Victory Fund

5. Wedding Weekend Events

Your wedding is all about love, so share some of it with the people who have supported you on the way. 

Plan some fun wedding weekend events at LGBTQ+ friendly establishments for all your guests to attend and enjoy!

Support the businesses that support you!

And don’t forget to keep your guests in the loop with WedTexts.
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6. Veil 

show pride rainbow veil

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How about showing pride by replacing your traditional white veil with a beautiful rainbow veil like this one.

7. Vows

No matter if you’re writing your own vows or going with something tried and true, your vows are the focal point of your wedding. 

This moment is about you and your new spouse, so show your pride by declaring your love to each other in front of your closest friends and family. 

Head over to our friends at equalityweddings.com for some wedding vow and readings tips.

8. Unity Ceremony

Aside from exchanging rings and reciting vows to each other many couples choose to do a special unity ceremony. 

This can be anything from lighting a decorated candle or being wrapped in a special blanket to literally blending things like sand, paint on a canvas, or even wine! 

Our friends at equallywed.com have some great ideas you need to check out! 

9. Bridal Bouquet

show pride rainbow bouquet

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Flowers are a great way to show pride and add a pop of color to your wedding!

The options are endless and will match any wedding style. Go for a rainbow bouquet like this for your elegant wedding or this one for a fun and spunky vibe, add color to your bridesmen/groomsmen’s outfits or coordinate accent colors for your groomsmaids/bridesmaids.

10. Bouquet Toss

Wedding tradition calls for the bride to toss her bouquet for all the unmarried ladies, but… what if there are two brides? 

Uhm, hello?! 


And why can only single ladies catch the bouquet? Show your pride and ask ALL your unmarried guests to participate.

11. Garter Toss Raffle

Don’t have a bouquet or garter to toss? 

Make your garter or bouquet the prize in a silent auction with proceeds going to a charity of your choosing or publicly thank the person who has been helping you through your wedding planning.

12. Cake Cutting

show pride rainbow surprise cake

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When it comes to the wedding cake, show your pride by combining wedding tradition with the pride rainbow. 

As you cut into the traditional-looking cake, you’ll reveal the bright and beautiful rainbow layers!


13. Guest Favors

Add a bit of pizazz to traditional wedding favors and send your guests home with a pride-themed gift like a sticker or button to display their support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

14. Send-off 

show pride smoke bomb send-off

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Show pride at your wedding all the way to the send-off. 

Ask your guests to wave the pride flag or throw rainbow-colored flower petals or you could be SUPER EXTRA and release smoke bombs! Think of the amazing photo ops!!!

15. Honeymoon

Your wedding isn’t the end. 

It’s the beginning of your new life together! So continue to show your pride by taking your honeymoon at an LGBTQ+ friendly destination. 

Share with us in the comments what other ways of showing pride you can think of!

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