Going into this, I thought “Great, let’s just write a Favorite LGBTQ+ weddings list post. It’ll be easy.”

Well, let me tell you… 

It was NOT easy! 

Not because it’s something hard to write about – it’s not. 

Not because it’s hard to find – it’s not. 

But because there are SO many amazing couples out there that share their wedding day with the world. 

You can literally feel the love between them radiating from the computer screen. I kid you not! 

There’s something about these weddings that makes them relevant for all of us, regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, race, shape, or denomination. 

We were lucky to get it narrowed down to our ten favorites in no particular order. 

Take a look for yourself! 

1. Daniel & John

When your wedding vows include phrases like “You’re God’s gift to me.” and “ You will never walk alone.” you immediately get a spot on our favorite LGBTQ+ weddings list.

2. Benjamin & Michael 

These two lovebirds made our list of favorite LGBTQ+ weddings not because they had the coolest socks and VW van exit, but because they were one of the first same-sex weddings in Australia and the first at Sydney Harbour! Bet you can’t get through their vows with dry eyes!!

3. Tyler & Shawn

“You radiate joy, goodness, and positivity.” That’s what we should all want for our spouse to be able to say about us! Tyler and Shawn’s stunning black-tie wedding made our list of 10 favorite  LGBTQ+ weddings because of their positive outlook and intention in life. 

(And because their haircuts are on point!)

4. Berkley & Tori

Two brides are better than one. It’s as simple as that! Berkley and Tori are on our list of favorite LGBTQ+ weddings because of the stunning, simple elegance of their wedding. It’s so refreshing to hear Tori, a total type-A personality bride who had her entire life planned out, describe how she happily changed her plans when Berkley came into her life. And how adorable are their meows vows? 

5. Jordyn & Natalie

Wow! Can we just take a minute to talk about how stylish Jordyn & Natalie’s wedding was? White ties on white dress shirts with dress shorts and matching belts for the bridesmaids – showstopper! It was a must-have on our ten favorite LGBTQ+ weddings list. Anyone who can make a person “bearable” to their family is a keeper! 

6. Peter & Adi

These two won us over with their amazing wedding venue and beautiful wedding vows. There is so much emotion, sincerity, and geekiness in their words, which immediately put them on our list of favorite LGBTQ+ weddings.

7. Allie & Sam

“Here comes the sun” is the song to which Allie & Sam’s bridal party walked down the aisle. And that’s exactly what the two of them looked like when they saw their future wife. Of course, those two got a spot on our favorite LGBTQ+ wedding list for their stunning rooftop nuptials. 

8. Ali & Ashlyn

These two brides look like they stepped right out of the pages of a magazine. Tbh, as Orlando Pride soccer players, they have probably been in a magazine or two. A special idea for their wedding was to use trailblazers for the LGBTQ+ community instead of table numbers. For one this honors those who prepared the way for them, but also helps to educate those around them.

9. Keimy & Pamela

Even though their journey wasn’t easy, loving each other certainly was. And that’s all that anyone could ever hope for! That and knowing that while nobody is perfect, there’s a person that’s perfect for you. 

10. Patrick & Paolo

Patrick & Paolo’s officiant hits the nail on the head. He asks the wedding guests whether those who are older than the grooms could have ever imagined seeing two men at the foot of the altar asking to be married. There is silence because the answer is “no”, but yet here they are thanks to The Power of Love. What made this wedding extra special and a must-see on our list of favorite LGBTQ+ weddings, is that it took place only two days after the mass shooting at a Charleston, SC church in 2015. And although it has been a few years, the words are just as applicable and true: “If you stake your life on love and not on fear, it will bring you to a moment like this. A moment that is brimming over with justice, equality, peace, and a new dream for the entire human family. Love can transform the entire world and make us into a human family instead of a race of tribes.”

Love is the way, not fear.

We at WedTexts believe in acceptance and that means accept everybody for who they are regardless of age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, denomination, shape, size, hair color, or favorite football team.