If you’re looking for an LGBTQ+ Wedding Officiant, we’ve got your must-know tips & resources down below.

But first, let’s get started by sharing one of our favorite LGBTQ+ wedding officiants, Ed Bacon (from South Carolina).

Check him out in action, he’s LEGIT! (Also, we don’t know Ed, but we wish we did!)

In his sermon on The Power of Love he reminds same-sex couple, Patrick and Paolo, “If you stake your life on love and not on fear, it will bring you to a moment like this. A moment that is brimming over with justice, equality, peace, and a new dream for the entire human family. Love can transform the entire world and make us into a human family instead of a race of tribes.”

Even though this LGBTQ+ wedding officiant gave this lesson several years ago, it is extremely applicable to the times we live in now. 

Aside from the value his sermon brings to the current day, it absolutely makes the wedding ceremony special.

That’s why finding the right LGBTQ+ wedding officiant is SO important. 

But, lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of tips and resources just for you! 

Things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect LGBTQ+ wedding officiant

1. Find your wedding celebrant


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While looking for the perfect LGBTQ+ wedding officiant, keep in mind what WedTexts’ CEO, and hisfiancé  were told by their officiant:

“Your wedding officiant ought first to be your wedding celebrant. He or she ought to be able to guide you through the mainline religious services with reverence and respect for whatever tradition or traditions the couples wish to inform their wedding service. The officiant must equally respect and be able to lead a service that is secular in form. He or she ought to mirror the couple’s sensitivity to detail while revealing to all guests the couple’s story as expressed in music, scriptures, literature, poetry, and secular expressions. The officiant ought to be able to direct every word and movement toward the couple and the joy of the event.” 

2. Choose an LGBTQ+ ally


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Unfortunately, there are wedding vendors out there that are not supportive of the LGBTQ+ community

So, make sure that your officiant is an LGBTQ+ ally and supportive of the love you share with your future spouse.

3. Location, Location, Location


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Keep in mind that not every officiant will agree to marry you at the location of your choice. 

Confirm that the location you have chosen for your wedding works with your LGBTQ+ wedding officiant.

4. Interview the candidates


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There’s nothing wrong with interviewing several candidates to be the officiant for your LGBTQ+ wedding. 

This includes finding out what their typical ceremony style is and decide if it aligns with your vision.

Make sure that your officiant is a confident public speaker. While you and your spouse will be able to hear him or her speak since you will be standing close, you want your officiant to be able to project his or her voice to your wedding guests. 

Ultimately, it’s important that your officiant just vibes with you and your future spouse, because they can absolutely make or break your wedding ceremony.

5. Discuss the wedding date

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Don’t forget to ask if they are available on your wedding day.

I’d like to say “DUH!” but wedding planning can bring a ton of stress with it, so just remember to make sure that the officiant you want isn’t booked on your wedding day.

Now it’s time to find the perfect LGBTQ+ wedding officiant

1. Pridezillas

First of all, what an AWESOME name! 

What’s more is that “Pridezillas wedding vendors all celebrate pride, love and equality.” 

You may even be eligible for a discount if you mention Pridezillas to your potential officiant.  

2. Equallywed

On equallywed.com, you can search for your officiant for an LGBTQ+ wedding by name or by location. 

They also have a ton of great content for LGBTQ+ wedding planning including inspiration from real LGBTQ+ weddings.

3. Rainbow Wedding Network

The cool thing about the Rainbow Wedding Network is that they help you find LGBTQ+ wedding expos as well as all kinds of LGBTQ+ friendly wedding vendors

Of course, this also includes resources to find the perfect LGBTQ+ wedding officiant.

What’s most important to you in a wedding officiant?

Share with us in the comments what you think is most important to you in your perfect LGBTQ+ wedding officiant.

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