Wedding planning stress is real y’all!

Wedding planning can be a HUGE stressor in your life when in all reality, it should be a happy and exciting time in your life. 

Instead of looking forward to starting your life together, you and your fiancé fight about money, who to invite to the wedding, and whether to hire a band or a DJ.

And guess what… 

You’re putting a lot of that stress on yourself! 

We’ve put together a list of 5 ways you’re making your wedding planning stress worse and I bet you’re guilty of at least 3 of them…

Don’t do these things, ok?



According to, the average engagement length in the U.S. is 12-18 months.

While it sounds like that’s a lot of time to plan all your wedding festivities, it goes by MUCH faster than you expect.  

It’s tempting to wait a few months before you start your wedding planning to enjoy the engagement bliss. 

Just know that sooner or later wedding planning stress is going to kick in. And you’re going to regret waiting to get started.

Since you procrastinated for months, now you have to make A LOT of decisions in a short amount of time. 

That’s a recipe for disaster! 

So, it is super important to come up with a wedding checklist and timeline early in your wedding planning process. 

That way, you can make sure that tasks are done in a timely manner and save yourself a lot of wedding planning stress.



Indecisiveness goes hand-in-hand with procrastination. 

A lot of times, your indecisiveness can lead you to procrastinate, which just means you will have to make the same number of decisions in a shorter time frame. 

No bueno for those wedding couples who are indecisive by nature.

I don’t blame you, though. 

There are countless resources to help you plan your wedding online, and it is easy to get analysis paralysis.

This can obviously lead to indecisiveness or even worse, second-guessing decisions you have already made!  

Luckily, if you have a solid wedding planning checklist and timeline to save you from procrastinating, you don’t have to make all your decisions at the same time. THIS will save you from a lot of wedding planning stress.

And a little advice. Once you’ve made a decision, stick with it and move on! 

Side note: Did you know that making a decision, sticking with it, and moving on is actually one of WedTexts’ core values!

Ineffective Wedding Communication


Did you know wedding invitations have been around since the Middle Ages?  

Sending your wedding guests an invitation is a great and long-standing tradition. 

There is something to be said about receiving a beautiful wedding invitation in the mail, personally addressed to you!  

However, wedding communication is severely flawed. 

Most wedding guests glance at the invite, then stick it on the fridge only to never look at it again. 

Yet, you expect them to keep all the information about the wedding weekend top of mind. 

To make it “easier” on them, you create a wedding website. 

But guess what….


Instead of letting this piece of wedding planning stress you out, use WedTexts to communicate with your wedding guests.

WedTexts is the only way to communicate with your wedding guests that is effortless for you AND your guests. 

Your guests will love it because there is no need to keep track of a paper invite, a wedding website URL or download an app they only use once. 

If they can receive a text message, they can receive your WedTexts reminders!  

And you’ll love WedTexts too because you can pre-schedule unlimited text message reminders or send them in real-time if something changes last minute.

You can even segment your contacts into different groups to make sure that everyone stays in the loop.

Getting started with WedTexts is easy and Free!

Going Over Budget


One of the things couples fight about most is money. 

Now add money to the rest of the wedding planning stress and you have a perfect storm. 

Side note: Speaking of storms, make sure you add weatherproofing your wedding weekend events to your wedding planning checklist!

That’s why even before you create your wedding planning checklist and timeline, you need to create a budget. 

Everything else that you do should be based on your budget… from choosing your wedding venue to creating your guest list.  

It’s easy to get carried away and shrug it off like….


When you find yourself wanting to spend more than you agreed on, ask yourself if it’s worth the added stress on your wedding budget.

Should I reprint the wedding invites to correct a small typo? 

(You could just send a WedTexts.) 

Should I print off wedding weekend itineraries?  

(You could just send a WedTexts.)

Should I hire a wedding coordinator to help with my wedding planning stress?

 (You could just send a WedTexts.)

Not sure how much money would be a reasonable amount to spend?

Don’t worry! We have already created a crazy easy wedding budget calculator to do the work for you!

Comparing your wedding to other weddings


The thing that probably creates the most wedding planning stress is comparing your future wedding to other people’s weddings.  

At the end of the day, you’re marrying your best friend. 

Your wedding is supposed to be a celebration of your love for one another and the beginning of your life together. 

Who cares what anybody else thinks?!


The only opinion that matters is yours and your fiancé’s. 

Squash the wedding planning stress by clearly communicating your expectations with each other. 

Then, figure out what really matters to the two of you and focus all your time and money on that instead of trying to keep up with the Joneses. 

If you can accomplish this, then nothing else matters.

Now that you know how you’re making wedding planning stress worse you can meet it head-on! 

And remember: breathe and relax! 

Everything will be just fine as long as you stick to a reasonable wedding planning checklist and timeline, the budget you have created, and focus on the things that matter most to the two of you. 

Then one day, you’ll be able to look back at your wedding planning knowing that you stayed true to yourself and married your best friend!!  
What part of wedding planning stresses you out most? Comment below!