Your soulmate proposed and you are filled with all the joy in world! Congrats! Now you get to start planning your wedding! But where do you even begin? The biggest thing about wedding planning, is trying to figure out where to start. Most brides know the basics: book the venue, buy the dress and all that jazz. But what about the details that you never really thought about? When do you meet with the officiant? When do you send the invites? All of these little questions and tasks can make things stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! What you need is a wedding checklist!

A wedding checklist will help you break down the “whats” and “whens” of wedding planning so you are able to stay organized and fluster-free as you plan your big day. Here are 3 wedding checklists that we love and think you should check out!

Checklist #1 from

Why we love it: This printable checklist tells you exactly what you should be doing by telling you when to do it. This checklist starts with the things to do starting at the time you get engaged, all the way through your wedding day. Another plus? Even if you have a long engagement (12 months or more), this helps you space out the planning over 12 months so you don’t do anything too early or too late. Even if you have a shorter engagement, this list can be used as a guide for what items you need to do right away versus what items don’t need to be a priority until a month or so before the wedding.

Checklist #2 from

What we love about it: Standard wedding checklists aren’t going to be as accurate for the brides who have opted for a destination wedding but this list is specifically tailored to handle your destination wedding planning tasks. Planning a wedding when you are thousands of miles away can be a bit tricky but with this checklist, you’ll never miss a beat. Depending on the venue, you may even be assigned a wedding coordinator to be your “man on the ground” to help with all of these details. You will still need to know what to do and when. This will give you those prompts so that everything stays on track.

Checklist #3 from

What we love about it: This checklist is super user-friendly and you can access it on your phone or computer! Plan The Day has a wedding planning website with dozens of helpful tips to help you stay organized and happy throughout your planning. One of these amazing tools is the checklist! The best part about this checklist is that you can assign some of the tasks to people in your “wedding circle”, like your family, friends or specific members of the wedding party. Plus, you have complete control over the tasks. You can customize your planning checklist to fit the timeline of your engagement and cut things that don’t apply to you. You can even arrange the tasks by priority! Check it out HERE!

Don’t forget the number one thing that you should add to any checklist: HAVE FUN! This is such a special time for you, stress and all. Try to enjoy it! Happy planning!

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