Don’t mistake garden party attire for a wedding with a casual dress code!

While it may be tempting to grab a comfy pair of jeans from your closet, this is NOT the time! 

True, it is certainly more relaxed than black-tie attire but actually, garden party attire for a wedding is much closer to cocktail attire than it is to casual attire. 

When advising your guests on what to wear, or choosing your outfit, keep in mind that the wedding will likely be outside. So, bring a cardigan if you expect a breeze and some sunglasses if you expect it to be a cloudless day!

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What is Garden Party attire for a wedding?

Garden party attire for a wedding is a semi-formal dress code. 

While your basics stay the same, dress for the ladies, suit and dress shirt for the gents, this is a great time to loosen up on the fit and get more adventurous with colors. 

Summery colors like pastels, coral, turquoise, and shades of tan and grey are definitely a great choice.

Accessorize with floral prints for the perfect garden party look! 

What is Garden Party attire for women?

For a wedding with garden party attire as the dress code, ladies should choose a semi-formal dress in a light pastel color or floral print. 

The length of the dress can range from above-the-knee to knee-length to maxi. 

The longer the dress, the less formal the fabric should be i.e. if you choose a shorter dress, pick a fabric that will create a full skirt or has some crinoline. If you choose to go with a maxi dress, the fabric should be light and flowy.

Wedges are the perfect shoe to wear to a garden party attire wedding because they add the elegance of a heel without the risk of getting stuck in the turf. 

Flats are also a good idea but stay away from any type of flip-flop. 





  • Dress
    • Can be above-the-knee, knee-length, or maxi
    • The longer the dress, the less formal the fabric 
    • Pastel colors, coral, turquoise, yellow, florals


  • Statement necklace 
  • Wedges or flats, no flip flops

What is Garden Party attire for men?

For men, garden party attire for a wedding consists of a semi-formal suit of almost any color (except for white), dress shirt, and tie. 

This is a good occasion to be a bit more adventurous when it comes to suit or shirt colors and pattern of your tie. A light-colored suit with a white dress shirt and solid-colored would be a great choice.

You can also dip into pastel-colored suits or shirts or floral ties. 

The big take-away is to have fun with colors and prints, but do NOT overdo it. 

For example, you do not want to pick a light blue suit with a pink dress shirt AND a floral tie. 

You can only choose one, so choose wisely. 





  • Light-colored suit
  • Dress shirt 
    • color to match the suit


  • Belt 
  • Tie or Bowtie (can be solid-colored or patterned/floral)

What is Garden Party attire for a girl?

At a wedding with garden party attire as the dress code, every girl is a flower girl. 

A twirly dress, made from a fun fabric like tulle, in a summery color like coral or light blue and lots of floral print is your best bet here. 

For shoes, choose a sparkly flat or strappy sandal. 

Accessorize with a flower or butterfly headband to complete the garden party look 





  • Dress 
    • Fun fabric like tulle
    • Summery colors 
  • Flats or strappy sandals


  • Flower or butterfly headband

What is Garden Party attire for a boy?

For boys, garden party attire for a wedding means wearing dress pants or chinos and a dress shirt. 

You can also add a jacket or a vest to match the dress pants. 

The colors can be light tan, khaki, light navy or shades of grey and the fit can be more relaxed than that of a full suit. 

A tie or bowtie can be a fun addition if it matches the little boy’s personality and does not restrict him too much.





  • Dress pants or chinos 
  • Dress shirt
  • (Optional) Vest or Jacket


  • (Optional) Tie or Bowtie

Now you’re a total expert when it comes to Garden Party attire for a wedding!!

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