The wedding invite calls for casual attire.


Bring out the jeans shorts, throw on a tank top, and off you go. 

As if!


Even though it’s called “casual” it’s still a wedding and that means that it’s still the bride and groom’s special day. 

A day that they will remember forever. 

They likely chose casual attire to make sure that their friends and family will be comfortable while celebrating the occasion. 

But jeans, sweats, tank tops, flip-flops, nuh-uh! Total no-go.

So then what the heck is casual attire for a wedding?

We’ve got you covered!

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What is Casual attire for a wedding?

Casual attire for a wedding is one of the least formal dress codes a couple can choose. 

Keep in mind, though, that their wedding is an important event and deserves respect, which you can show by dressing the part.

The fit of your outfit can be more relaxed and fabrics can be informal including seersucker, cotton or jersey. 

Colors should match the season and time of the wedding. For example, light or pastel colors for springtime and a daytime wedding, darker colors for fall, winter or an evening wedding. 

What is Casual attire for women?

Casual attire for women consists of a nice sundress or dressy pants with a cute top. 

You can keep your hair and make-up natural and your accessories to a minimum. 

Flats or sandals are a great choice for casual footwear.





  • Sundress
  • Dressy pants with a top


  • Minimal jewelry or accessories
  • Natural hair and make-up

What is Casual attire for men?

For men, casual attire for a wedding consists of dressy pants like chinos or khakis with a button-down shirt or polo shirt. 

Less dressy shoewear like boat shoes are totally acceptable. 





  • Dressy pants 
  • Button-down shirt or polo shirt


  • Belt
  • (Optional) Sportcoat or Blazer

What is Casual attire for a girl?

A sundress is a perfect choice for casual attire for a wedding for a little girl. 

Luckily, dress codes are not usually strictly enforced for the little ones, so depending on the personality of the girl you can pick anything from simple to fancy. 

After all, there aren’t too many occasions to get dressed up for little girls.





  • Sundresses can range from simple to fancy


  • Natural hair, a simple braid or ponytail
  • Sandals 

What is Casual attire for a boy?

Casual attire for a little boy attending a wedding can be a pair of chinos or khakis or even shorts. 

Even a pair of clean, dark jeans without holes in them would be acceptable. 

Choose a polo shirt or button-down, just stay away from any print on the shirt.

If you want to add a fun, fancy touch a bow tie can be an adorable addition.





  • Khakis or chinos can be long or short
  • Dress shirt or polo shirt


  • Sneakers or Boat shoes 
  • (Optional) Bow Tie

Now you’re a total expert when it comes to Casual attire for a wedding!!

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