What if my slow cooker could be my day-of wedding coordinator?

This is the thought that popped into my head last Monday night when my husband and I got home from a weekend of road-tripping. 

We traveled all the way from Virginia to Georgia and back for his family’s Christmas celebration in one weekend…I had a lot of time to think… 

national lampoon's christmas vacation

After straightening up the house, doing all of our laundry, and of course, getting back to work, guess what the last thing I wanted to do was. 

Yep, you got it: cooking dinner. 

You know, I do enjoy cooking. 

Yet, somehow it typically ends up being more of a chore than a hobby at the end of a long day. 

Luckily, I have my trusted Pioneer Woman slow cooker that my sweet mother-in-law got for me last Christmas. 

Especially with the weather getting colder by the day, a nice and comforting dish that requires few ingredients and even less work is the way to go!

And best of all, since you only need very few ingredients, slow cooker dinners rarely break the bank! 

So, I throw in some chicken, broth, and a small onion and get back to work.

Several hours later, I come back to my sparkly-clean kitchen (another plus of using slow cookers!) to a simmering pot of yummy goodness! 

By that time, I had finished all of my work and errands.

And just as my tummy was rumbling, my husband poked his head in the door and asked when dinner was going to be ready. 

Well, actually… NOW, honey!!

Not to sound conceited or anything, but he was VERY happy with what I served him that evening. 

Side note: This is the recipe I used to make Monday night’s easy Chicken and Dumplings. Psst…I even left out the parsley and poultry seasoning to save some rarely-used ingredients. 

Okay, I may have gotten a bit carried away thinking about food here but I promise there is a point! 

This is when I figured out why my slow cooker is just like the perfect day-of wedding coordinator.

4 Things That Make a Slow Cooker The Perfect Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

A slow cooker is known for four things: 

  1. It’s reliable
  2. SUPER easy to use
  3. It’s a stress-free way to whip up dinner
  4. Easy on your wallet 

So, what if your day-of wedding coordinator could be like your slow cooker? 

Well, we can’t vouch for any day-of wedding coordinators you hire, but we can tell you this…

WedTexts is as important to your wedding as your slow cooker is to your family dinners. 

WedTexts is basically like the slow cooker of day-of wedding coordination.

I could set the text up and forget about it

Cate Marolf

WedTexts is reliable 

Just like your trusty slow cooker, WedTexts is reliable.

One of the core values at WedTexts is “Quality.”

This means providing consistent quality work the first time and superior customer service if something comes up.

When you set your slow cooker in the morning, you come home to a house smelling like good food that is ready-to-eat, and your fiancé loves you for it.

When you set up your WedTexts wedding reminder messages, you’ll arrive at your wedding with all your wedding communication good-to-go, and your guests will love you for it.

The pre-scheduled wedding reminders that you set-up months in advance will act as the perfect day-of wedding coordinator. 


If something goes wrong on your wedding weekend any of the WedTexts users on your account can act as an impromptu day-of wedding coordinator by sending out real-time messages to any and all your guests.

And believe Murphy, things WILL go wrong… 

WedTexts is SUPER easy to use 

You know how your slow cooker comes with a bunch of presets that allow busy people to make good food quickly, without screwing it up?

Yeah, WedTexts has that too.

With the help of our Easy-Fill© templates, you can have the most commonly sent wedding reminder messages set up in 5-minutes or less. 

Your guests will appreciate you! 

They won’t have to download an app or be part of a pesky group text.

Instead, they will simply receive your reminders as individual text messages like they’re already doing – they don’t even need a smartphone!!

WedTexts is a stress-free way to enhance your day-of wedding coordination 

With your slow cooker, you can come home from a long, exhausting day at the office and eat a hearty dinner without wasting your life over a stovetop.

With WedTexts, you will walk down the aisle on the most important day of your life with peace of mind without worrying about the wedding day logistics.

You won’t spend any time worrying if everyone got the memo on when their hair and makeup timeslot is, or when the rehearsal dinner starts, or even making sure everyone knows when and where your post-wedding brunch is being held.

Skip the worry altogether.

Let WedTexts be your stress-free day-of wedding coordinator.

Instead of spending your wedding day fielding non-stop text messages and phone calls from your guests, you can relax and enjoy the moment. 

One of my favorite features of WedTexts is that you can divide your contacts into groups like bridesmaids and family – unless, of course, you’d like for Mom and Dad to know your bachelorette weekend itinerary 😉

WedTexts is easy on your wallet

Even though this is last on the list, slow cookers might be best known for their affordability.

You can basically take any ingredients you have in your kitchen and find a way to throw together a slow cooker recipe.

And since slow cooker recipes make big batches, they’re GREAT for meal prep for the week.

WedTexts is just as easy on your wedding budget as a slow cooker is to your family budget.

WedTexts is on only $1.33 per guest on average.

How does paying only $1.33 per guest when you upgrade your WedTexts account stack up against other wedding items?

Looking at survey data from The Knot’s Real Wedding Study here’s what I found.

  • Catering (price per person) = $70.00 per guest
  • Reception Band = $29.55 per guest
  • Videographer = $14.06 per guest
  • Wedding Dress = $11.10 per guest
  • Rehearsal Dinner = $9.45 per guest
  • Reception DJ = $9.05 per guest
  • Transportation = $6.10 per guest
  • Invitations = $4.50 per guest
  • Day-of Wedding Coordinator = $4.41 per guest
  • Wedding Cake = $3.97 per guest
  • Groom’s Attire & Accessories = $2.10 per guest
  • Officiant = $2.09 per guest
  • Favors = $1.85 per guest

When I look through those numbers, a few things stand out to me.

The average wedding spends more on the wedding cake than on the Groom!

The cake is almost twice as expensive as the poor groom.

That seems kinda messed up…

Oh yeah, and ALSO…

WedTexts is 30% of the cost of an average day-of wedding coordinator, you could have your WedTexts do the work for you.

Think about it…

For less money than every other item at your wedding, you can have unlimited groups, unlimited automatic reminders, AND unlimited real-time messages!

And if you’re a cake lover that is dead set on having an expensive cake at your wedding, and budget is no concern, at only $1.33 per guest you can have your cake and WedTexts too!

Just listen to some real brides that used WedTexts at their wedding

Meredith Massey 

Meredith Massey and Colton Beall
 wedding picture sunset by the lake wedtexts day-of wedding coordinator

Not only is my family spread out across the country – so are my friends!  Between logistics in coordinating travel plans, accommodations, and more weekend-of details,  I wanted a quick and dependable way to communicate to the masses. WedTexts was super helpful in the planning process but came in even more clutch during the weekend of our wedding. When our transportation company accidentally ran our Saturday plan on Friday night we needed a way to let out rehearsal dinner guests and welcome party attendees know they should have one more cocktail at the bar because the shuttles were running a little off schedule. WedTexts made it so easy, and almost mindless, to mass communicate the change in plans. 

A special thanks goes out to their other amazing vendors: 

Andrew May Photographyhttps://andrewmayphotography.com
Elena Wedding and Eventshttps://www.elenaevents.com
Taylor Ranchhttps://www.taylorranch.com

Meredith Massey and Colton Beall
 wedding reception dancing with friends wedtexts day-of wedding coordinator

Cate Marolf

Nate Rogers and Cate Marolf Wedding WedTexts as day-of wedding coordinator

Using WedTexts was an easy way to stay in touch with our 150 guests and also divide people into groups to send reminders.  I could set the text up and forget about it

Thank you to our other amazing vendors: 

Cindy Stirling Makeup Artisthttp://www.cindystirling.com
ABM photographyhttp://www.abmweddingphotos.com
Peggy’s Kitchenhttp://www.peggyskitchensd.com
A Wedding and Event Flower Companyhttps://www.awedeveco.com
Green Gableshttps://trademarkvenues.com/green-gables

Nate Rogers and Groomsmen

Ready to take the stress out of your wedding communication?

Let WedTexts be your day-of wedding coordinator.

It’s free to get started.

You can keep your wedding party informed by sending them unlimited, pre-scheduled wedding reminders and unlimited, real-time wedding text messages for free! — Sent directly to their cell phone via SMS (no-app needed).

Click here to sign up for free today!