Kendall can lay on the beach for hours! She loves to tan, relax, and listen to the waves as the tide comes in and goes out. Matthias loves to relax on the beach too…just not for very long.

Their contrasting styles paired with the fact another friend’s wedding was a week after their wedding made choosing where to go on their Honeymoon a challenge.

Matthias wanted to go somewhere new, explore and be active. Kendall was looking forward to doing nothing. She simply wanted to relax.

After all, if the next six months leading up to their wedding were anything like the previous six months, the bulk of the wedding planning was going to land on her shoulders…not Matt’s.

Once again she won the discussion. They compromised on going to Nantucket for a few days before having to be in NY for a friends wedding the next weekend. They agreed to save up for a longer honeymoon the following year. Something that has the activity that Matthias was looking for, but somewhere that Kendall could get the relaxation she was looking forward to.

Next thing up: they started shopping for Invitations online. Their favorites so far were the foil-pressed wedding invitations from (affiliate link).

Can’t wait to continue the story? Or trying to catch up, you can see how the rest of their wedding planning goes by following this link –

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Photo cred – Michael Chilemi with Studio 1 Photography