The bridal party at Kendall and Mathias’ wedding was small and special. 2 bridesmaids, and 2 groomsman, all family! The groomsmen wore simple and elegant jackets and slacks, to match the laid back beach wedding style. Coordinating a whole bunch of men and their matching attire was something Kendall and Mathias lucked out of!

For many brides and grooms this isn’t always the case! Large wedding parties can make organizing matching formal wear very stressful! Many rental companies place strict deadlines on renters, and you may not feel confident that all 10 groomsmen will remember exactly how many buttons are supposed to be on their tuxedo. This is where WedTexts comes in! If you need to coordinate your groomsmen, send them scheduled reminders:

“Hi fellas. Please make sure you rent a Classic Black, 3 Button Tuxedo, with white cummerbund by August 15th. The style is reserved at Men’s Wearhouse under our name.”

You can also remind them to pick up their rental! And what to do if their are problems!

“Friendly reminder today is the last day to pick up your tux! Please reach out to us ASAP if there are any issues.”

And one last reminder the day after their wedding…

“Thank you so much for your love and support yesterday! Just one last reminder…your tux needs to be returned by tomorrow to prevent any further charges!”

Matthias high fiving

Can’t wait to continue the story? Or trying to catch up, you can see how the rest of their wedding planning goes by following this link –

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WedTexts is the easiest way to communicate with your wedding guests. We allow engaged couples to pre-schedule text messages to be sent during their wedding planning…for events such as:

–  RSVP reminders.

–  Tuxedo rental reminders.

–  Hotel room blocks.

–  Sharing their wedding website.

–  Sharing their wedding hashtag.

–  And all of their events during their wedding weekend.  (Welcome Party, Wedding Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, & Morning After Brunch)

Wedding texting with WedTexts ensures your guests have your event information when they need it most, and it is delivered directly to their cell phones!

Photo cred – Michael Chilemi with Studio 1 Photography