So you’re planning a local wedding and most of your guests are already right there in town.

LOTS of couples go the local wedding route, including one of our WedTexts couples, Shanda Escoto and Peter West.

Keep scrolling to read their real wedding story. 

Because you’re hosting your wedding right in town, you might ask, “Why would I pay to send out text messages when I already pay my phone plan?”

Welp, that’s one of the questions we get asked the most about WedTexts. 

Let’s see…

Did you know that 98% of text messages are read within 2 minutes??

Sure, to save money you could just send your guests texts without WedTexts during your wedding weekend, but you’ll run into three issues:

  1. You can’t pre-schedule your texts, which means instead of enjoying your wedding day, you’re sending text messages.
  2. Your cell phone will cap the number of people you can text at 30, so you’ll need to create multiple groups to include everyone.
  3. Your guests HATE being on group texts. They won’t be able to keep track of the important details when they get buried in unnecessary text replies. No one likes having their phones blow up at an event by a bunch of randos they’re in a chat with.

Seems like a whole bunch of hassle, TBH.

It’s a good thing there’s a better way 🙂

WedTexts Eliminates Annoying Group Text Chains and More: 

  1. You CAN pre-schedule your text reminders! And you don’t even have to come up with what to say because we offer Easy-Fill Templates© that will help you set up the most commonly sent messages in 5-minutes or less. If there is anything you forgot to mention or changes last-minute, you can also send text messages in real-time!
  2. You can text as many people as you’d like!! The limit does not exist! First, upload individual contacts from your phone or your computer or batch upload them all at once with a simple spreadsheet! Then divide them into UNLIMITED groups that make sense for YOU.
  3. Your guests receive individual text messages which makes it easy for them to keep track of all the details and stay “in the loop” without having to be in a bothersome group text. 

Here, let someone else show you what we’re talking about

We can’t think of a better way to reduce stress for you on your wedding day and to make sure your guests have all your wedding details handy than WedTexts.

But we don’t really want to tell you about how amazing WedTexts is – that means close to nothing coming from us…

Instead, we’ll let this real wedding that used WedTexts tell you their story.

That’s right… real people, from real weddings, using WedTexts and giving you their honest opinions.

The story below is from Shanda Escoto and Peter West, who used WedTexts for their local wedding aka staycation wedding extravaganza.

Their Love Story

shanda escoto peter west local wedding dancing

We met at a business meeting.  

Walked in…shook hands…and I’m not sure if there was an actual spark or not, but I sure felt it.

After the meeting we stayed and talked for hours, then went on our first date two days later.  

As they say… the rest is history. 

The Planning Process

shanda escoto peter west staycation wedding happy couple large bouquet

Our original vision was a destination wedding. 

But with all of our guests living local, the logistical difficulty, and additional expense of a destination wedding, it didn’t make sense to ask everyone to travel – especially since we live in a  beautiful city.

Instead, we invited them to vacation with us right here in San Diego.  

Out of 74 guests, 63 jumped at the opportunity and booked their hotel rooms.

With a rehearsal dinner on Thursday, we were able to kick things off on Friday with a welcome party for all 74 guests at the Hacienda Hotel in Old Town. 

Enjoying the Staycation

pre-wedding toast w groomsmen and friends

Wedding formalities were kept to a minimum, and fun was at a maximum.

Right before I put on my dress, all the ladies met me at the fountain in the hotel courtyard for a champagne toast and photo opp. 

Side Note: Shanda made sure to pre-schedule a WedTexts reminder for all the ladies. 

As I slipped back into the room to finish getting ready, it was the boy’s turn to meet for a toast 

They opted for Hennessey instead of champagne– don’t ask *eye roll*

The pre-wedding toast was one of our favorite moments of the day.

We were both so happy that we added it in. 

It calmed our nerves and gave us a special moment with our closest friends. 

With the toasts behind us, we moved on to our first look.

Then the bridal party hopped into a limo and we headed off for pictures around Old Town and Balboa Park

The Local Wedding Celebration

ceremony peter west shanda escoto

A couple of hours later a shuttle arrived to pick up all of the guests and take them to the wedding at San Diego Wine & Culinary in downtown San Diego.

The wedding had an urban lounge atmosphere, complete with dueling pianos, a cigar and whiskey bar, patio fireplaces, and lounge furniture.  

The atmosphere at San Diego Wine & Culinary was perfect for us and their Sommelier even offered to marry us!  

Dinner was served at a giant feast table where all 74 guests were seated.  

Each person was greeted with an incredible individual cheese plate, followed by a plated salad. And then, to everyone’s surprise, a giant lamb shank was placed in front of them!  

Five different side dishes were passed around family-style, and the food was absolutely scrumptious. 

Wedding formalities were kept to a minimum, and fun was at a maximum.  

At 10 pm, guests made their way to the shuttle for a victorious trip back to Old Town.  

For some of us, the party continued at the Old Town Saloon. 

The next day we topped off the wedding weekend with a Taco Party at Rockin’ Baja Lobster in Old Town.  

Guests wearily headed home around 4 pm after a long weekend packed with family and best friends. 

How did WedTexts enhance your local wedding?

shanda escoto san diego girls jumping for joy

It was SUPER helpful to be able to remind various groups when to gather for photos. We also sent a warning about the shuttles’ upcoming arrival and so much more.

We used WedTexts to keep all of our guests “in the know” and on time throughout the wedding weekend. 

It was SUPER helpful to be able to remind various groups when to gather for photos. We also sent a warning about the shuttles’ upcoming arrival and so much more.  

We also used it for our pre-wedding parties.  

Our guests loved it and couldn’t believe we went the extra step to keep them informed.  

After using WedTexts, I can’t imagine planning a wedding without it!!

Shoutouts to Shanda & Peter’s Amazing Vendors

Shanda and Peter would also like to thank some of their other amazing vendors. Without them, their local wedding would not have been the success that it was. 

Wedding Planning Club
San Diego Wine & Culinary
Continental Catering
A-Z Dueling Pianos
Joy Culture Events
Lauren Lindley Photography
Ian Wakeman Videography 
Total Quality Music
SD Charter 
Hacienda Hotel
Rockin Baja Lobster
The White Flower Bridal Boutique
Primo Alterations

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