Destination wedding planning can be straight-up dreadful! 

Not only is it a burden on you to have to coordinate with vendors that you’ve likely never met before but it is also a hassle for your wedding guests, too.

Maybe they’ve never been to your destination before or maybe traveling in itself stresses them out.

Either way, you need to do everything you can to make it as easy as possible on them if you want them to have a good time at your wedding. 

Luckily, WedTexts makes destination wedding planning a breeze! 

People tend to think that WedTexts is only useful on your actual wedding day when there are tons of other uses for it! 

We don’t really want to tell you about how amazing WedTexts is – that means close to nothing coming from us…

Instead, we’ll let these real weddings that used WedTexts tell you their story.

That’s right… real people, from real weddings, using WedTexts and giving you their honest opinions.

The story below is from Sarah Colburn and Matt Audibert, who, as you’ll soon find out, used WedTexts to help keep their wedding guests in the loop while they breezed through their destination wedding planning. 

Real Wedding Story From Couples Who Used WedTexts

Their Love Story

Sarah Colburn Matt Audibert Destination Wedding Planning Wedding Kiss

Photo by Renee Nicole Photography 

Matt and I were both working for an NBA team and had a couple of mutual friends between us. 

Our friendship blossomed over the few years we worked together, as did our love of sports!

A few weeks after taking on a new job, Matt and I decided to have our first “official date”, and it was the last first date both of us would ever have!

We are so grateful that our love of sports brought us together and look forward to a lifetime of celebrating! 

If there’s anything we love, it’s a good love story about friends becoming lovers.

And it’s especially sweet that they share their love of sports!

The Planning Process

Sarah Colburn Matt Audibert Destination Wedding Planning Bridesmaids Bridesman

Photo by Renee Nicole Photography 

What we were so pleasantly surprised to realize is how helpful WedTexts was for the ENTIRE wedding planning process, not just the actual weekend!

Sarah Colburn

We had events from Thursday to Saturday, including shuttles to and from events and specific locations to report to, which is why we initially got the service. Our wedding was absolutely amazing. 

The destination wedding planning, however, was tough!

We live in Phoenix, and we were getting married in Florida – the long-distance planning along with the time zone changes made for some complicated coordination with our vendors!

We chose the Powel Crosley Estate simply because of the picturesque location, size, and ease of having an in-house caterer and staff. And their team made it easy.

However, the real MVP was WedTexts!!!

Our wedding guests were from California, Arizona, Connecticut, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Florida..and even a couple from Germany.

So communicating with them for months leading up to our destination wedding was SUPER important!!

There weren’t any people texting me and my spouse the day of the wedding!

What we were so pleasantly surprised to realize is how helpful WedTexts was for the ENTIRE wedding planning process, not just the actual weekend!

Sarah really nails it on the head: WedTexts is not just useful on your wedding weekend but for the entire destination wedding planning process

She and Matt understood that by creating their account and starting to use WedTexts early in their destination wedding planning they received WedTexts full potential! 

They specifically used WedTexts to: 

  • Communicate with out-of-state (and out-of-country!!!)  guests months in advance
  • Coordinate with their vendors during the destination wedding planning process
  • Inform guests of the shuttle service schedule 
  • Remind guests of the different wedding events 
  • Notify guests of an important last-minute location change

How did WedTexts enhance your destination wedding?

Sarah Colburn Matt Audibert Destination Wedding Planning Superhero Masks Theme

Photo by Renee Nicole Photography 

Because we had WedTexts, we were able to quickly and effectively communicate the change in location to EVERY guest all at once and it was completely seamless!

Sarah Colburn

We planned a destination wedding and we wanted a way to make sure that all of our wedding guests were completely “in the loop” when it came to all the events of the weekend. 

We were so impressed with WedTexts as it exceeded all of our expectations! 

The biggest lifesaver is when we had to make a very last-minute change to one of our events. 

Because we had WedTexts, we were able to quickly and effectively communicate the change in location to EVERY guest all at once and it was completely seamless! 

I can’t imagine what the weekend would have been like had we had to contact people individually.

I felt so stress-free and so did our guests! 

All of our guests thanked us for using WedTexts and some of my married friends told me they wish they would have had it for their wedding! 

We are so glad that Sarah and Matt got to experience the benefits of using WedTexts! 

They made their destination wedding planning process completely stress-free AND they were able to communicate a very important last-minute change to their guests without breaking a sweat. Awesome!

Communicating last-minute changes on your wedding weekend is THE most talked about reason people choose WedTexts. 

…It’s basically wedding insurance for your entire destination wedding planning process.

Unfortunately, we weren’t around for their friends’ weddings, but good news: we’re around for yours 😉

Thank you, Sarah and Matt, for sharing your love story and your excellent use of WedTexts with us! We wish you a wonderful future together! 

Shoutouts to Sarah & Matt’s Amazing Vendors

Sarah and Matt would also like to thank some of their other amazing vendors that made their destination wedding an unforgettable event. 

Vendor NameWebsite
Renee Nicole
Lillian Rose
Powel Crosley
Sarasota Wedding

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