One week before their wedding Matthias and Kendall were busy taking care of the last minute details. When your wedding is mostly DIY, there are many things to finalize, such as: the place settings, last minute fittings, lighting, etc.

Their scheduled WedTexts text messaging had begun going out to their wedding guests about their wedding! The week before their wedding, they sent the following message:

“Matthias and I are so thankful you’re spending our wedding with us! Your love and support means the world to us. We can’t wait to see you next week! For helpful details visit our website – – or simply wait for your next friendly WedTexts. – Love Kendall & Matthias”

The days leading up to their wedding, they delegated WedTexts duty to Kendall’s MOH – Kelly. Kendall gave Kelly access to her WedTexts account by adding her as a user. This way, if something happened they would be able to communicate instantly with their wedding guests by WedTexts wedding texting. To see how to add your MOH to your account click here.

Every couple hopes there are no hiccups. Fortunately for Kendall and Matthias there were no big hiccups. That being said, after the rehearsal dinner, Matthias and Kendall invited their guests to meet up at a local bar. The bar overlooked the water, and the couple had been looking forward to hanging out with their friends and exchanging stories in the setting for months.

Unfortunately while the rehearsal dinner was taking place a patron at the bar put something in the toilet and the toilet started overflowing. The bar had to close due to the incident, and the couple had to scramble to find another place to meet up with their guests. Kendall’s planning paid off!

With one WedTexts, Kelly was able to keep all the guests in the loop. The party continued a few blocks away at an Irish Pub. Kelly sent out the following WedTexts –

“Slight change of plans! We are now all meeting at Delaney’s Irish Pub. 453 Harbor View.”

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Kendall and Matthias - Wedding Texting

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Photo cred – Michael Chilemi with Studio 1 Photography