Kendall and Matthias met in their middle school Spanish class.  Matthias remembers having a huge crush on Kendall from the first moment he saw her.

Kendall remembers thinking he was cute…

They didn’t begin dating until reconnecting after college. After 2 years of dating, they moved across the country from West Chester, NY to San Francisco, CA. Matthias’s job allowed him to transfer to their San Fran office, and Kendall wanted to focus on her interior design (and be closer to her sister).

After dating for 4 years, Matthias finally decided to pop the question. This is how Kendall describes the proposal –

Wedding Proposal

“It was magical. I came home from work venting about.. you know, something! I was all sweaty from working out– a hot mess. Matthias was very involved in the Jets game that was on. In the middle of me venting he asks if I wanted to have a drink with him on the roof of our apartment. (He never wants to do this!) but I said yes and we made a cocktail and started up the steps. As soon as I pushed the door open I see mason jars filled with candles and string lights with a beautiful set up. Immediately I knew what was coming and my heart started beating really fast. It turned out he had taken the whole day off of work to plan and set everything up. And every detail was beautiful. He even had dinner in the oven and ready to go when we came back down stairs. :))))))”

Waking up the next morning, still in bliss, they began to chat about their preferences for the wedding… mainly the location, size, and time of year.

After talking with their closest loved ones, to make sure they could attend, they decided on a late fall wedding either in North Carolina (where Matthias’s parents live) or Connecticut (where Kendall’s parents live). Next they wanted a unique way to announce their engagement. They didn’t want to just post a pic and update their Facebook Status.

So Kendall took to Google. She wanted a way that would surprise her loved ones, and a way that she could let everyone know at the same time. She searched for mass texting for weddings, and that is when she came across WedTexts. After testing the service she sent one text message to all her high school friends, college friends, cousins, and co-workers. They all received the same text message at the same time –

“He did it!!! We are engaged!!!! Call or text my personal number if you want. Otherwise, more details to come. Love – Kendall (and Matthias!)”

Can’t wait to continue the story? Or trying to catch up, you can see how the rest of their wedding planning goes by following this link –

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Photo cred – Michael Chilemi with Studio 1 Photography