As they narrowed their guest list, and began to check important details off of their list –  Matthias and Kendall began the daunting challenge of choosing their wedding vendors.

Wedding Texting

The ceremony at the beach was taken care of. Kendall’s grandfather and cousin were going to be the celebrants. There would be a trellis built by her dad. A circle would be created with chairs for guests that needed or wanted to sit. In front of the chairs would be a rope connecting the bride, groom and all of their wedding guests. When the time came the wedding bands would be passed through the rope for all their loved ones to give blessings and well wishes when the rings came their way. Family members would help setup that morning, and a few would stay behind to clean up before the reception started back at her parent’s house.

Wedding Texting

Questions loomed around all the other details – who would be their photographer, videographer (did they need a videographer?), caterer, hotels, and rental company (for tents, tables and chairs). Was a wedding planner needed?

One by one they chose the details until their first “compromise”. They both loved the food from the same catering company. But how would the event be catered? Matthias wanted a more formal seated dinner. Kendall wanted a more casual buffet-style dinner because the reception was outdoors.

Like most things go in wedding planning, the “compromise” went her way. A casual buffet-style dinner it was!

With the catering decided upon, they began preparing for their Engagement Party. The party was hosted by a family friend at a local restaurant. With the restaurant’s parking situation being less than perfect, it gave them the perfect opportunity to send another WedTexts text reminder to their guests! Kendall loved how the texting reminders were effortless for their guests.

It worked perfectly! The day of their Engagement Party all of their family and friends got a reminder text message with the start time of the party and a clickable link that took them directly to the restaurant, along with the details that parking was around the corner! No one had to call for directions. Kendall and Matthias were amazed by the feedback from the guests that came to the party. Many remarked about the awesome wedding texting service!

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Photo cred – Michael Chilemi with Studio 1 Photography