Your wedding is special, but when surrounded by your closest friends and family, your wedding becomes unforgettable. They love you, make sure you show your wedding guests appreciation, too.

Here’s a quick list of wedding guest appreciation ideas to let your peeps know how much they mean to you.

Show Your Wedding Guests Appreciation by Doing These 5 Things:

Wedding Guest Appreciation #1: Give Your Guests Hotel Options


First of all, don’t make your guests research a hotel around your wedding. Instead, provide them with a hotel block to make their trip to your wedding easier.

When choosing your hotel(s) you should focus on location and price.  

The easiest place to start is Google Maps. Map out where the wedding events (pre-party, rehearsal, ceremony, reception) will take place and find out what hotels are closest.

Then, out of those hotels pick some options that will suit your guests’ budgets. 

Choose a low-priced hotel, medium-priced hotel, and a fancy-pants hotel. This way, your guests have options to choose from that will match their comfort level and budget.

Also, if you know the majority of your guests aren’t going to swing for the fancy hotel, go ahead and give them another medium-priced hotel instead.

And most guests want to know where you will be staying as they will prefer to stay there, too. 

Wedding Guest Appreciation #2: Plan Fun Events Surrounding the Wedding 


It’s very likely that not all of your guests already live where you are getting married. So, to help them make the most of their visit, you will want to plan plenty of fun things to do. 

In order to explore the area, recommend some things they can do on their own for each of the days that they will be there. You can suggest a favorite hiking spot, a must-try brewery or a fun festival in town.

This is a great way to show your wedding guests appreciation because now your wedding day has become a wedding weekend extravaganza! 

While your guests will appreciate your recommendations remember they are really there to see YOU! 

So make sure to also plan events where everyone is welcome like a pre-wedding party or a brunch the morning after your wedding. 

Wedding Guest Appreciation #3: Put Together Welcome Bags

wedding guest appreciation welcome bag goodies
Source: TheKnot

Come on, we all know that it doesn’t even matter what’s in it. Receiving a goodie bag is always exciting! 

How about preparing little welcome bags for your guests as they arrive at their hotels? 

You could throw in the list of must-do activity recommendations we just talked about. Or maybe some coupons to local stores or activities. 

And the essentials are a water bottle, a salty snack, and a sweet snack. 

If you’ve got party animal friends, throw in a Powerade Zero or Pedialite and some aspirin. Your guests will thank you the morning after your wedding reception.

What if you don’t feel like adding another thing to your to-do list?

Let someone like BowTieBags do the work for you! 

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that it matches your wedding style and vibe.

Wedding Guest Appreciation #4: Offer Your Guests Party Favors

wedding favors fan with printed wedding program
Wedding Fan Invitations – Wedding and Party Invitations and Stationery by

Similarly to welcome bags, party favors can be a super sweet way to show your guests how much you appreciate them. 

They will also be a cool keepsake for them to remember your wedding. 

Whether they are sitting on the tables at the reception or in baskets leaving the reception, everyone loves getting a little gift. 

There are many companies that sell party favors. You can do something local or personalized – the possibilities are endless. 

Fun Tip: Pick a keepsake favor that’s also USEFUL during the wedding. For example, these super cute fans that guests can use to cool down during a hot summer ceremony.

Wedding Guest Appreciation #5: Enhance Your Guest Experience with Great Communication


Anytime you get lots of people together communication becomes a challenge.  

The traditional way of wedding communication includes lots of paper stationery like Save-the-Dates and Invitations. 

If you’re like me, you don’t want to keep up with paper itineraries all weekend…and neither do your guests.

Guests often forget invitations at home, lose paper itineraries, or don’t even know how to find the wedding website you spent hours building…Heck! They probably don’t even know it exists! 

During your wedding weekend, their options are awkwardly asking other guests, who don’t know either, or texting or calling you, which is SUPER annoying for everyone involved. 

To prevent this from happening, update your guests throughout the wedding weekend with pre-scheduled wedding reminders from WedTexts!

What is WedTexts you ask? 

Specifically, it’s the ONE thing that shows wedding guest appreciation best through effortless communication.

It’s what we like to call an app-less app because it allows you to contact all of your guests at the same time through text messages, which they already know how to receive. (Did you know 95% of text messages are seen within 3 minutes of being sent?)

Only have a certain group that you need to reach? No problem! 

It’s easy to upload and separate your contacts into groups like the bridal party, family, etc. 

Further, WedTexts offers Easy-Fill Templates© that will help you set up the most commonly sent messages in 5-minutes or less. 

You can choose to pre-schedule messages to be sent at a later time or update guests in real-time. You have complete control!

This REALLY comes in super handy when things change last minute. 

Don’t think that’ll happen? Just check out Blaire’s story!! 

And did we mention WedTexts is free?

Click HERE to signup for your free WedTexts account today!

You can use it for your entire wedding party of up to 15 people! 

Some of your guests helped you plan or pay for your special day, many of them traveled a long way to see you, and all of them are there to make your wedding day everything you could have ever dreamed of. 

Use the list above to show your wedding guests appreciation, so they can feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 😍