Have you tried the  “Starbucks Method” to wedding planning?

No, it’s not called that just because it’s overpriced and basic 🙄🙄

We call it that because their drink sizes correspond perfectly to the steps of wedding planning. 

Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

wedding planning starbucks method

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Venti is the largest size Starbucks drink you can order aside from catering sizes. 

So, you can think of the “Venti steps” of wedding planning as being the big things that need your attention. 

Plus, it’s easy to remember what the acronym stands for:



Nom-noms (aka food and drink!)

Talent (photographer/videographer/hair/makeup)


These are the things that are essential to having a perfect wedding day. 

Most of your time will be spent on doing research on these items to figure out what best fits your vision for your wedding. 

Once you make a decision on what venue, talent, or caterer you want, BOOK IT! 

Chances are that other engaged couples also have their eye on this wedding vendor and you don’t want to be stuck with your runner-up pick just because you procrastinated. 


The next smaller size is “Grande”.

Things in this wedding planning category are also important for your big day but are less time-sensitive. 

To help you remember the steps, here’s another acronym:

Gift Registry 

Register early! You may even get some pre-wedding gifts because of it!

Rain Plan

If you’re planning an outside wedding, you absolutely need a bad-weather plan.


While your wedding gown will likely be one of the first things that you purchase, don’t forget about the rest of your wedding party! Especially the boys… they are notorious for doing things last minute!


Reserve your officiant and make sure your wedding ceremony reflects your personal style and beliefs!


The type of décor will depend heavily on your venue, budget, and personal style. 

Event Transportation

If your wedding has several different venues, you will need transportation for your guests to make sure everybody can join in on the fun and does not get lost halfway through the day. 

Remember, though, that while these may not be wedding planning items on the very top of your list, they are still important to think about if you want your wedding day to be perfect. 

wedding planning perfection


I think we can all agree that this is the most misleading name that Starbucks has for its drink sizes. 

Turns out, a “Tall” coffee isn’t very tall at all. 

You’ve almost crossed off everything on your wedding planning list with only a few things left to consider. 

Thank your guests

Make sure your guests know how much you appreciate them being there and celebrating your wedding day with you. You can do this by planning events throughout your wedding weekend or putting together welcome bags or party favors.

Alleviate Stress

Your wedding day should be the most special day of your life. Plan ahead and ask your family and friends for help with last-minute tasks, so that you don’t spend the day stressed out to the max.

Leaving the reception

Decide how you want to leave your wedding. Are you staying until the very end to help with clean up? Will you have a sparkler send-off? Are you driving off in a car, limousine, or horse-drawn carriage?

Let your guests know

Keep your guests in the loop about everything that’s going on during your wedding weekend with WedTexts. They will thank you!

happy dance

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Don’t spend your perfect day glued to your phone answering the same guest question over and over again. 

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