You’ve dreamed of your beach wedding for years. 

Your Pinterest board is full of flowy dresses, shades of blue, and seashell decor. 

Once you got engaged, there was no question; you will have a destination beach wedding.

Then, Covid-19 hits and completely ruins your plans. 


Instead of blissfully planning your wedding, you’re now working through the emotions of changing your wedding plans due to a massive global pandemic. That means cutting down your guest list, postponing your wedding date or even canceling it altogether. 

Your options come down to this: 

1. Continuing with a beach wedding as planned even if that means some of your guests will not be able to attend. 

2. Saying goodbye to your dream of having a beach wedding.

What you choose depends heavily on what matters more to you, the beach or your guests. 

But wait! Could there be a 3rd option?

What if you could have some of both worlds?

Not only is WedTexts the ONLY tool that will get you through this coronavirus mess, we also have a way for you to have your beach wedding WITHOUT leaving your home.

Side note: Check the most current CDC recommendations and restrictions before continuing your wedding planning. 

Here’s what our friends at The Pearl Source have to say about having a beach wedding without actually traveling to the coast. 

Beach Wedding Color Scheme: Coastal Blue

Coastal Blue Beach Wedding

Known as the most popular beach wedding theme, the Coastal Blue / Shades of Blue concept features a stunning range of azure hues. Often paired with neutrals like beige and taupe (representing the shades of the sand) or with greys and lilacs, the coastal blue wedding is serene, relaxed yet poised and cohesive with nature itself. 

If you love the color of the ocean and everything from its waves to its corals and pearls, then commit to a palette of soft, nature-inspired hues, with the occasional pop of turquoise or cobalt blue. 

Similarly, for a cohesive bridal look, opt for a flowy wedding dress that provides lots of movement and silver tone jewelry pieces (such as white gold), featuring pearls and gemstones in shades of blue. Moreover, avoid structure and rigidity, both when it comes to your dress, as well as your jewelry and hairstyle.

Beach Wedding Decor: Pearl & Oyster Placecards

Oyster Shell Placecards

Introduce your theme from the get-go with place cards borrowed from the sea: oyster shells, decorated with loose pearls. 

Whether you opt for an organic look and use the shells as they are or paint them in a coat of silver or gold paint, the results are visually stunning and perfectly fitting for a beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Decor: Pearl Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings

Whether you choose to craft them yourself using loose pearls or purchase a matching set, pearl napkin rings are definitely a stunning addition to any wedding tablescape. 

Pair your pearl napkin rings of choice with aqua blue or turquoise fabric napkins and silver hued tableware.

Beach Wedding Decor: Ocean-Inspired Centerpieces

Ocean Theme Centerpieces Beach Wedding

One of the most popular centerpieces is budget-friendly, easy to recreate and visually stunning, namely ocean’s treasures bowls or vases. Filled with seashells, pearls and corals (with the optional flowers as an extra), these beach wedding centerpieces are a sure way to set the theme of your event. 

Beach Wedding Decor: Pearl Garlands

Pearl Garland

There is something whimsical about decorating with pearls, be it when creating the centerpieces, the table numbers or when adorning the bride and groom’s chairs. 

One of the easiest ways to add an extra touch of the ocean’s finest is to opt for pearl garlands as décor for your arch, above the tables or when creating a photo-op backdrop.

Beach Wedding Cake

Pearl Accents

Stay on the pearl-enthused theme with a cake inspired by the waves of the ocean, complete with darling pearl accents and decorated with seashells.

Beach Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation

Set the tone of your wedding theme from the start by sending your guests simple, minimalistic wedding invitations, each adorned with a solitaire pearl. 

Stick to a palette of azures, lilacs and neutrals for a cohesive look that perfectly captures the magical underwater world.

Beach Wedding Ring Holder

Ring Holder Shell Beach Wedding

Sand, seashell, flowers, pearls – the perfect recipe for a ring holder that is simply elegant. 

In addition, this gorgeous ring holder is definitely photo-op-worthy, easy to recreate, as well as budget-friendly.

Beach Wedding Style: Flower and Pearl Hairpin 

Flower Pin

When creating a tropical-inspired style, florals and pearls make a stunning pairing. 

For instance, decorate your loose-wave-hairstyle with a lush Hawaiian bloom adorned with darling white pearls.

Beach Wedding Style: Shoulder Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace

A lush, bold-colored floral backdrop works best next to a statement jewelry piece that looks positively mesmerizing from every angle. 

Discover a new bridal look favorite: pearl shoulder necklaces, perfectly paired here with a loose waves updo.

Beach Wedding Style: Barefoot Sandals

Wedding Sandals Beach Wedding

Ditch the heels! Opt for a pair of barefoot sandals crafted from lace, chain and pearls, for a relaxed bridal look that is not only comfortable, but very pretty and whimsical.

Bring the beach wedding of your dreams right to your doorstep! 

A huge thanks to The Pearl Source for these helpful tips that are sure to turn any wedding into a beach wedding!