So, here’s the deal. 

At WedTexts, we LOVEEEE to tell you all about wedding guest list management, wedding technology, and all the events surrounding your wedding weekend. 

And of course, all about how great WedTexts is (we’re just a tad biased here).

But you know what I really wanted to write about today? 

The Ultimate List of Fun & Useful Kitchen Gadgets for Your Wedding Registry

WWE Yes wrestler

Ready for another confession? 

Even I have to do my research and sooner or later it typically takes me to 

Lo and behold, who woulda thunk it, they already have a list of must-have kitchen items for your registry. 

Okay, cool, cool. 

I checked it out for you and here’s what I thought: 

rupaul youre basic


I know that you’re much, MUCH cooler than the stuff I saw on that list. 

You may have already collected several things during college or from living with roommates in general and certainly if you and your partner have already moved in together.

Once I moved into my husband’s house, we realized that through the years, we had accumulated a grand total of FOUR complete dinnerware sets.

 I am talking pots and pans and plates and forks and spoons and… 

You get the idea. 

I very quickly purged the insides of our cabinets and took them to Goodwill much to the delight of the volunteer that received them. 

Side note: How about for this year’s spring cleaning you focus on decluttering? It’ll free up a lot of mental and actual space that you’ll need for your wedding planning. Plus, donating gently used items to a place like Goodwill always makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Looking back at it now, we should’ve taken up the Greeks on one of their wedding traditions and thrown the plates on the ground for good luck. 

So, let’s assume your situation is somewhat similar to mine and you already have all your basics together.

I promise you, you DO NOT have the items on our ultimate list of kitchen gadgets for your wedding registry!

Not only will your guests love giving you these fun kitchen gadgets, but you will actually find them useful, too.

Make sure to bookmark or pin this post, so you can reference it when you’re building your wedding registry. We love making changes and updating our lists over time!!

And if you like this list, but feel a bit overwhelmed with the whole registry thing, check out the wedding registry section on our Always Up-To-Date Guide on Wedding Tools blog post!

Ultimate List of Kitchen Gadgets for Your Wedding Registry

Rice Cooker


While I consider myself a fairly decent cook, I SUCK at cooking rice. It would be too mushy yet burned on the bottom and SUPER bland. Enter the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker in shining armor. 

Not only does it cook different types of rice to perfection without sticking to the bottom of the pan, but it also comes with a steamer basket for veggies! 

Clean up is super easy and it’s much lighter than it looks! 



I couldn’t believe it! 

After a long, draining day at work, I came home to my husband sitting on the couch smiling at a giant cardboard box. It wasn’t my birthday, I definitely didn’t forget our anniversary and it was a few months before Christmas. 

“Just because,” he said when I asked why this giant cardboard box was sitting in our living room. 

As I open it, I see a gorgeous KitchenAid mixer!

It comes in a ton of colors and, tbh,  it’s as much a decoration piece in your kitchen as much as it is a versatile kitchen appliance for your wedding registry. 

We use it for all kinds of things from baking to shredding chicken! 

There are also a ton of cool attachments for it like these two: 

Pasta Maker Attachment


It’s actually SO easy to make pasta at home! 

No additives or preservatives and it’s pretty fun to play with the dough, too! 

Just follow the dough recipe, then use the rolling attachment to flatten the dough, then switch to the cutting attachment to make pretty pasta that’s done in minutes. 

Boil and voila! 

Zoodle Attachment


Okay, so if you’re snooty you can call this a Spiralizer but I just think Zoodle is a cool word to say. Judge me. 

I haven’t actually tried this myself (yet) but if you’re trying to watch those pre-wedding calories but love all things pasta, this is a great alternative for your wedding registry! 

Both of the attachments, the pasta maker and the spiralizer are on the pricey side. 

But the good thing is that several of your friends or family members can split the cost – or invite themselves over for home-cooked dinners until the price is recovered. 

Or you can add pieces one by one for other special occasions.

Bread Machine


I am realizing that making a list of fun & useful kitchen gadgets for your wedding registry has the unintended consequence of making me very hungry. 

Can’t you just imagine the smell of freshly baked bread all throughout your newlywed home? 



The product whose brand name has become synonymous with the item itself! 

Come on! Do you ever actually refer to these things as slow cookers? 

Well, I don’t! 

If there’s ONE thing that’s a must-have kitchen gadget, it’s this! 

Few ingredients, little prep, easy cleanup. Sounds like a slam dunk to me. 

Oh! And did you know that crockpots make awesome day-of wedding coordinators?

Instant Pot


The counterpart to the crockpot. Instead of slow and steady, this baby can pressure cook, sauté, steam, and sous vide (the snooty word for cooking vacuum-sealed food in a water bath). 

And if you’re extra fancy, you can get this version, which even doubles as an air fryer!! 

Nutella Knife


Okay, call me crazy but you know what frustrates me? 

Not being able to fully clean out and get every last bit of chocolaty goodness out of the Nutella Jar. 

Never tried Nutella you say? 

Go to Walmart and grab some! No excuses. 

Oh, and you’re welcome!

Avocado Slicer


Maybe an avocado knife is not exactly the most exciting gift to give. 

But I know for a fact that several of your bridesmaids will take any possible reason to go to Target. 

Honestly, they probably don’t even need a reason. 

So why not let them shop with the purpose of getting you this super fun kitchen gadget! 

Avocado Saver


My dear, sweet husband, bless his heart, does not like avocados. 

I know, crazy, right? 

What that means for me is that I either have to eat a whole avocado on Taco Tuesday or save one half.

Typically I go for the latter but no matter how tightly I wrap it in cling wrap, it still browns. 

Not with these handy-dandy kitchen gadgets for your wedding registry!

Fruit Keg


Do I even need to say more?!

Sunny-Side Up Egg Shaper


A blissful Sunday morning in bed with your new spouse, doesn’t that sound lovely? 

Make it even better with this adorable egg shaper! 

Okay, out of all the things, this fun and useful kitchen gadget is probably the least useful. 

BUT, it’s adorable, so…

captain america ill put it on the list

Engraved Rolling Pin


Speaking of adorable things. 

How awesome would it be to personalize all your Christmas cookies?

(Or year-round cookies. Hey! We won’t judge!) 

Best thing about it? They come in all kinds of designs from traditional to fun themes like this Harry Potter rolling pin! 

Side note: You know who else likes LOVES Harry Potter? Two of our own: Tori and James! Check out how they incorporated a “classy nerd” theme into their wedding.

Cool Ice Cube Tray


Regular ice cubes are so last year. 

Everybody has the molds to make those big square ice cubes or fancy spheres, BUT who do you know that has fun Disney-themed ice cubes?

Pot Flower


If you ask my mom she would put this at the top of the list. I mean she SWEARS by these things! 

To be fair, she can be a bit scatterbrained and so it wasn’t unusual for things to start boiling over at our house when I was younger. 

Now she has some of these fun and useful kitchen gadgets to make sure that never happens again. 

The silicone tightly sits on the pot and allows the steam to escape without the risk of letting anything spill over the top.

Popsicle Makers


As I was browsing the aisles on my last grocery shopping trip, I stopped by the yogurt section and felt transported back to my childhood. 

When I was little, and my mom wasn’t busy letting things boil over on the stove, she would use popsicle makers that she would stick into tiny children’s yogurts like Danonino’s and let them freeze overnight.

So easy and creamy and perfect for a warm summer’s day! 

If you feel like putting a bit more work into it, you can blend up some of your favorite fruits and 

Spredo Butter Spreader


Hear me out on this one! At first glance, this may not look like much but it’s definitely a must-have kitchen gadget for your registry! 

Can you imagine a 4th of July backyard picnic and there’s no corn?! 


Me either.

Now as much as you belong with your future spouse, corn belongs with butter. Period. 

Dunky Cup


Hang on, I gotta finish my Amazon order real quick anddd… done!

Whoever invented this deserves an Oscar or a Nobel Prize! 

Go ahead and put at least two of these on your wedding registry, so that you and your new spouse won’t have to fight over who gets to use it! 

Claw Shaped Meat Cutters


Remember that 4th of July backyard picnic we were just daydreaming about? 

Serve up amazingly tender pulled pork or brisket to go with your yummy, buttery corn. 

(Or how about repurposing these suckers for a Wolverine costume?! Best. Idea. Ever!)

Apple Slicer


Sometimes I am straight up too lazy to cut up an apple. But with this, it takes just a few seconds to core and slice any apple you like!

That’s what makes this apple slicer a super fun and useful kitchen gadget! 

Watermelon Slicer


Tbh, the big brother to the apple slicer looks a bit intimidating. But guess what! Our 4th of July backyard picnic still needs a dessert, so give this baby a try and let me know what you think!

Cheese Grater


You know when the waiter comes to your table and asks you to say “stop” when he grated enough cheese on your plate of Chicken Parm? 


I don’t say stop. 


If you don’t either, this is a must-have kitchen gadget for you! 

Cheese Melting Pan


Okay, so we established that cheese is the but you know what’s even better? 


forrest gump and thats all i have to say about that

Cookie Cutter Set 


Take your cookies to another dimension! 

Ahh? See what I did there? 

Okay, maybe it sounded cooler in my head, but how cool would it be to make all your family Christmas cookies in 3D from now on? 

(Hint: It would be out of this world!) 

Personalized Cutting Board 


For this kitchen gadget, I’m not just talking about any ole personalization. 

No, siree! 

I am sure you or your fiancé have a very important family recipe that has been passed on through the years.

For my husband, it’s “Nanny’s Red Velvet Cake” and my grandmother handwrote her best recipes in a small book for me to keep once we got married. 

How special would it be to save this recipe on a cutting board that you can actually use or just display in your kitchen? 

Which of these fun & useful kitchen gadgets for your wedding registry is your must-haves?

Leave us a comment below and let us know which of these you would most like to try and what other things you chose for your registry!