The average bachelor or bachelorette party is grossly underrepresented in Hollywood.

There are plenty of movies out there about bachelor(ette) parties: The Hangover, Bridesmaids, and let’s not forget the massive events of Crazy Rich Asians.

But, those are definitely outliers when it comes to the average bachelor or bachelorette party. 

So, what does an average bachelor or bachelorette party look like?

What does it cost? 

How many days is it going on last? 

How many people usually attend it?

Luckily, WeddingWire has created a study of bachelor and bachelorette parties to help answer all your questions. 

But instead of making you read a whole study, we’ve created a little cheat-sheet for you!

The 2019 WeddingWire study is based on answers of more than a thousand responses from guests who attended a bachelor or bachelorette party in the previous two years. 

It represents various ethnicities, income levels, races, ages, sexual orientations, and gender identities

“To provide the most statistically significant and detailed view of results collected, WeddingWire analyzed respondents with equal identifiers to gender of the bachelor or bachelorette party attended, which represented 95% of total respondents.”

Here are the most interesting findings: 


The number 1 choice for bachelor and bachelorette party locations is Las Vegas. 

It doesn’t really come as a surprise that Las Vegas is still the number one destination for bachelor(ette) parties. Other top ten locations include Miami and Orlando, FL, and New Orleans, LA.


The average bachelor or bachelorette party lasts from 2-3 days.

The majority of all bachelor(ette) parties last for more than 2 days while a third of them go even longer than 3 days! Interestingly, bachelor parties actually tend to be longer than bachelorettes.


Bachelorette parties are 4% more likely to leave the US than bachelor parties. 

Most international bachelorette parties take place in the Caribbean, Mexico, or even Asia.


2% of bachelor and bachelorette parties last for more than FIVE days!

Whew! Talk about a major rager. Kudos to the ladies and gents that can rally for 5 days in a row! So, if you’re attending an average bachelor or bachelorette party, you can expect a MAX of 5 days, and that’s still really on the high end.


The average bachelor party has 8 guests attend.

This often includes some people that are not in the wedding party or some who aren’t invited to the wedding at all. 


The average bachelorette party has 10 guests attend.

The same goes for the girls. While they also tend to invite some friends outside the wedding party, they are less likely to invite anyone that didn’t get a wedding invite.


10% of engaged couples combine their bachelor and bachelorette parties.

While the ladies prefer spa-related activities and the gents stick with sporting events, combining the festivities can be a fun alternative to the tradition. 


40 percent of bachelorette guests spend $200 or less.

Now that’s what I like to hear. Being in a wedding can be EXPENSIVE – tbh, this goes for wedding guests AND the wedding couple…


90 % of guests are involved in the bach bash planning.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties can be an awesome thing to delegate to your Best Man/ Maid of Honor. By involving your guests,  you can also make sure that everyone will have a great time, which is the main point of these events. 


The average cost of attending a bachelorette party is $708.

This is an interesting one. Remember how 40% of bach bashes cost under $200? And now I’m saying the average cost is $708. Well, you little mathematicians out there, that implies that the other 60% of bachelorette parties are hella expensive! 🤑


The average cost of attending a bachelor party is $1,044.

In their defense, per the WeddingWire study, the average cost listed here and above includes “transportation, accommodations, personalized swag, gifts, group activities and more.” I guess good times with your best friends really are priceless.

One of the main findings of the study is that the average bachelor or bachelorette party is increasingly personalized. This includes fun destinations, activities, decor, and attire. It’s all about the couples’ personalities and preferences – buh-bye to the classic cookie-cutter, stripper cliche.

Side note: Speaking of which, did you know they actually make stripper shaped cookie cutters?

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Now that you know what the average bachelor(ette) party looks like, let us know your experience.

Leave us a comment below and let us know what you have planned for your bachelor(ette) parties!