UPDATE: The CDC Says Cancel Your Wedding!

Editor’s Note: Please know that the author of this blog does not intend to downplay the severity of the virus nor deny the large impact it has on individuals, businesses, and the world economy.

Oh great! Another article about Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Let me tell you, I’m the first person to admit that I am SO over hearing about the Coronavirus. 

True, it has impacted a ton of people in the US and abroad, the economy took a giant hit, and the healthcare industry is scrambling to find a cure.

Long story short, what’s making this virus so scary is:

  1. Healthcare experts haven’t quite figured out how to treat it other than self-quarantining those who present with symptoms
  2. It spreads incredibly quickly. (The WHO has now declared it a pandemic)
  3. It is the year 2020 and we are teaching grown-ups how to wash their hands.

Large events like conventions, trade shows, concerts, and political rallies have already been canceled. 

Universities have moved classes to be taught online or canceled them altogether.  

And the entire country of Italy is on lockdown because of the Coronavirus.

In the sports world, the NBA, NCAA, and the Masters are now affected as well!

All of these decisions were made to eliminate large crowds from gathering or traveling in confined spaces.

Wait a minute!!

Can anyone here think of another event that typically involves large numbers of people and requires them to travel and gather together? 




You’re probably thinking “Well, sh***. What do I do now?” 

Betcha money that wasn’t in your wedding planning binder.

But luckily you follow WedTexts’ blogs and know that we have your back in any situation. 

From replanning your wedding in two days because of a thousand-year flood to losing a family heirloom on your wedding day, all the way to having your wedding photographer ghost you.

Now, we can’t tell you whether or not you should postpone your wedding because of the Coronavirus. 

Side note: Or you could do it like these thousands of couples who pulled off a mass wedding despite worldwide fears of the Coronavirus. (Source for header image)

But, no matter what you decide. Your guests need to know how you’re handling the Coronavirus at your wedding.

So, how can you keep your entire wedding guest list up to date on your Coronavirus plans?

Sure, you can just post an update on your wedding website, but guess who will check it to see if your plans changed because of the Coronavirus…



Sorry to burst your bubble, but while it’s a great tool to have, your guests just will not go back to your wedding website to see if there have been any updates. 

Why not make it easy on them and update your entire guest list with WedTexts?

As long as they can receive text messages to their phones, they can receive WedTexts, so even Memaw and Pops can stay in the loop. 

How will the Coronavirus affect your wedding? Just send a WedTexts!


Is the wedding postponed because of the Coronavirus? Just send a WedTexts!


What are you doing to prepare for the Coronavirus at your wedding? Just send a WedTexts!


It really is THAT easy. 

And it’s also much, much cheaper than sending all-new paper invites. 

Pro tip: WedTexts is a huge help when there isn’t a looming pandemic, too.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to postpone your wedding amid the fears surrounding the Coronavirus or just take appropriate precautions, WedTexts is an amazing tool to help you through the wedding planning journey.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s free to use for your entire bridal party of up to 15 people? 

Download it for free and give it a try today! 

Is the Coronavirus affecting your wedding? 

Please let us know in the comments so everyone can benefit from your plan of action.