You’ve probably seen a million lists about Wedding Day “To-Dos” but what about a list of wedding day don’ts?

There are a ton of things to remember for your wedding day, I’d argue there are a bunch of things you should remember NOT to do on your wedding day, too.

We’ve all planned and been a part of many weddings here at WedTexts, so we’ve compiled a list of our top 20 wedding day Don’ts to Avoid.

Wedding Day Don’t #1 –
Don’t try any new attire!

Try on and break in your wedding shoes ahead of time. Don’t test out new lipstick or face cream the day of your wedding.

Know exactly what you are going to wear on your wedding day long before that day comes – this includes all your accessories.

Wedding Day Don’t #2 –
Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

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This means DON’T…

  • skip any meals
  • drink too much too early
  • be hung over
  • exercise too hard the morning of

Your big day is stressful enough without adding these things to the mix.

Get plenty of rest, eat right, drink plenty of water and get ready to enjoy the celebration!

Wedding Day Don’t #3 –
Don’t pretend to be Superman (or woman)!

This is a BIG wedding day don’t, so pay attention.

By the time your wedding day rolls around, you should be the one getting pampered, not checking items off the to-do list.

In one word, this means to delegate.

If you have a wedding planner, great! They will take care of the majority of the things on your list.

For other couples, this means putting your maid of honor, the best man, or a family friend in charge of tasks that need to be completed at the last minute.

One simple thing to delegate is the control of your wedding communication. It’s easy to add a planner or any other user to your WedTexts account, so they can handle everything for you!

You or someone else you delegate to can pre-schedule all of your wedding communication with your wedding guests in 5-minutes or less using the WedTexts app!

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Wedding Day Don’t #4 –
Don’t schedule haircuts or other appointments too close to the wedding!

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Here’s a quick list of appointments to schedule a few days in advance or do with caution closer to your wedding:

  • Haircuts
  • Close shaves
  • Waxings
  • Tanning beds

A man’s (and often a woman’s) haircut needs a few days before it really looks its best.

Most facial hair can be taken care of on the day of your wedding, but…

Make sure to take extra care if doing a close shave. Basically, don’t do anything you and your body aren’t used to.

Sometimes your skin has a bad reaction to waxing, no matter where you’re getting waxed.

Staying in the tanning bed too long can give you sunburn which looks terrible and is super uncomfortable..

Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule these crucial appointments for your wedding.

Take care of all these items a few days before so you’ll look the absolute best on your big day.

Wedding Day Don’t #5 –
Don’t make your guests wait forever!

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Take as many photos as possible before the wedding so that you don’t spend 2 hours between your ceremony and reception getting the perfect pictures.

The majority of your photos can be taken before the ceremony even starts. This way, you’ll not only get more time at your reception, but you won’t keep your guests waiting.

Your guests will really appreciate you when you avoid this wedding day don’t.

#6 – Don’t skip the run-through

We don’t mean a run-through of the ceremony in its entirety but don’t skip out on a dry run of the important or unique parts.

If you’re lighting a unity candle during the ceremony, don’t forget to light the candle at the rehearsal. This makes it’s easier possible to light during the wedding because the wax on the wicks is already melted away.

If you’re performing a knot-tying ceremony, make sure to practice it many times before you do it for real.

Note – This includes your wedding dress!

If it’s difficult to put on or has a bustle, get your mother or bridesmaids to practice before the big day, and bring some extra large safety pins just in case!

To make sure everyone is on time to your wedding rehearsals, you can pre-schedule a wedding reminder with our pre-built WedTexts Easy-Fill© Template.

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#7 – Don’t forget tips!

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Most of your vendors will require final payment on the day of the wedding, and while you may be armed with the final checks already written, don’t forget that tipping isn’t always included for vendors.

Set aside some extra cash so you’re covered for last minute tips or expenses.

Stay clear of this wedding day don’t and your vendors will love you for it.

#8 – Don’t underestimate the time it takes to get ready!

Hair and makeup for a group of women is extremely time-consuming.

If you’re using a professional company, they’ll typically have a timeline prepared to give you an idea of when you’ll need to start getting ready.

However, if you’re hair and makeup is leaning towards the DIY route, allot at least an hour per woman per stylist if they are getting hair and makeup done.

An excellent way to keep everyone on schedule is to use WedTexts to pre-schedule all of the appointment times to go out to the bridesmaids and everyone else getting their hair and makeup done.

You can create a custom group just for this reason and call it “Hair & Makeup.”

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#9 – Don’t forget to eat!

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After the ceremony, you’ll be rushing with excitement to get to the reception and start the party, we get it.

But PLEASE don’t forget to ensure you and your new spouse have time to eat something at your own reception.

Have the caterer or wedding planner prepare plates for you both to eat so you don’t have to worry about it.

Once you start greeting guests, it’s unlikely you’ll have another chance to sit down, so take advantage early.

Wedding Day Don’t #10 –
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Again, pay close attention to this wedding day don’t!

By the time your wedding day happens, you’ve already put in your time and effort to plan the party.

Most things that you notice that aren’t going according to plan won’t even come close to hitting the radar for your guests.

Enjoy the day for the celebration of love that it is and let the details happen as they may.

Who knows, those little nuances may make for great stories later.

And if any “Large Stuff” happens at your wedding, WedTexts has you covered.

With WedTexts, you’ll be prepared for the small stuff, large stuff, and all the stuff in between!

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#11 – Don’t forget the marriage license!

You and your new husband or wife have to sign this with your officiant in order for your marriage to be legal.

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting the single most important document for your wedding day.

#12 – Don’t walk down the aisle too quickly or hold your bouquet too high.

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You’ve been preparing for this day for months and all eyes are about to be on you for the entire time you walk down the aisle.

Take your time and don’t rush it – your bride or groom wants to get a good long look at you, too!

During this walk, it’s easy for nerves to allow your shoulders to shrug up and to hold your bouquet too high.

Think about keeping your forearms on your hip bones for the walk down the aisle. If you keep them there the entire walk, your bouquet will constantly be in the right place.

#13 – Don’t forget to film your final dress fitting.

Wedding Day Don't #13 - bridesmaid looking confused with equations floating around her head
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This may sound stupid now, but it will be absolutely worth it on your wedding day.

That complicated corset or bustle will be a whole lot easier for your mom or maid of honor to master if there’s a video showing them how.

This is a very common wedding day don’t for lots of brides, don’t make the same mistake as they did!

#14 – Don’t forget to include some of your vendors in your headcount for dinner.

The photographer, band members, DJ, photobooth attendant, or anyone else helping out for the entire reception is also going to need to eat.

You can include them in the same food your guests are getting or pre-order takeaway for a cheaper option.

Either way, don’t forget to feed them!

Happy vendors will go the extra mile to enhance your wedding guest experience with you.

Wedding Day Don’t #15 –
Don’t overextend the reception!

Most venue contracts will have a set start and end time for your reception.

Running past this time is one of the easiest ways to incur astronomical fees you weren’t expecting (not only fees from the venue but also the entertainment, bartenders, etc.)!

You can always have an afterparty at a hotel or bar, but when it comes to the reception itself, stick to the timeline.

Even if you don’t pre-plan an afterparty, you can always send our a message to all of your guests in less than a minute using the WedTexts app!

Signing up is free. Click here here to get started!

#16 – Don’t forget to pack!

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During the craziness of the rehearsal and wedding day, it’s sometimes lucky you have your dress and your shoes!

But what about the last minute emergency items you might need (bobby pins, hairspray, earring backers, baby wipes, bandages, etc.)!?

But we’re not necessarily talking about the emergency kit.

If you and your new spouse are planning to stay in a hotel (or anywhere that isn’t your normal residence) don’t forget to pack an overnight bag for the both of you and have it ready to go after the reception.

#17 – Don’t be the point-person for guests

This might be the #1 wedding day don’t and we should probably move it up on this list!

You have a wedding party for a reason – let someone else field all the questions.

Unless you’re taking photos, you shouldn’t even need your phone on the day of your wedding, so give it to your maid of honor, sit back, and enjoy YOUR day.

It’s your day, let someone else do the worrying.

Add your point-person as a user on your WedTexts account and you’ll be prepared for anything!

Click here to signup for a free WedTexts account!

#18 – Don’t go overboard with decorations

Sometimes, especially if you have a naturally beautiful venue, less is more when it comes to wedding decor.

Don’t feel as if every open surface has to have a centerpiece or photo on it.

Let the cake stand alone on a table or have a few tables with nothing but a few flower petals.

Trust us, your budget will thank you.

#19 – Don’t forget to have fun!

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This is the day you’ve been dreaming of – it’s finally here!

Your wedding day will go by extremely fast and before you know it, you’ll be walking through a tunnel of sparklers with your new husband or wife.

The amazing party you just threw will be a blur if you let it.

Don’t forget to take time throughout the day just to soak it all in and have fun.

You and your beau are literally the reason this day is even happening – revel in it!

Wedding Day Don’t #20 –
Don’t leave communication to chance!

If you are solely relying on paper communication or your wedding website, you are putting a burden on your wedding guests.

When it’s crunch time, they’ll be stressed out trying to find your wedding information during. Luckily, this is easily fixed!

Be sure to schedule your WedTexts reminders in advance!

Then you won’t need your cell phone at all during your big day!

Getting started is easy! Click here to sign up for free!

Don’t sweat the small stuff, do everything you can in advance, don’t forget to take care of yourself and have fun!

Your wedding is a celebration!

Hopefully, these Wedding Day Don’ts help it to feel like one.

Got any more?

Please, let us know in the comments what other great Don’ts you’ve heard about.

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