Real WedTexts weddings are the BEST way to show you what we’re all about. 

Sure, we can tell you about our core values and benefits all day long. 

But what better is there than to show you how two Real WedTexts weddings used wedding text message reminders to their advantage. 

Just to be sure though, here are some of the reasons why we think WedTexts is the best thing since sliced bread: 

  1. Unlimited Groups
  2. WedTexts Easy-Fill Templates
  3. Web + Mobile Apps
  4. Unlimited Pre-Scheduled Reminders
  5. Unlimited Real-Time Messages
  6. Cost Saving Communication
  7. Custom Messages
  8. Editable Messages
  9. One Message to All Guests

Bottom line: Your guests will thank you. And you will be able to enjoy your wedding day without being glued to your phone fielding the same wedding guest question over and over and over again. 

Here are some ways that you can use WedTexts for your wedding! 

Now, let’s see how two real WedTexts wedding couples used WedTexts to enhance their guest experience.

Arielle and David’s Real WedTexts Wedding 

David and I were married on April 7, 2017, at Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC. 

Arielle and David

We always knew we wanted our wedding to be a whole weekend experience, so we had events spanning over three days. 

We had a fairly intimate wedding, with only 80 guests, and the majority of them were from out of state or city.

Because we had many events, and because our guests were unfamiliar with the area, we wanted to be able to keep them easily updated with times and addresses.  

Arielle and David

WedTexts was the perfect way to engage with our guests all weekend.

I am also very detail-oriented, so WedTexts very much appealed to my meticulous nature.

WedTexts ended up being even easier to use than I imagined, and our guests absolutely loved it – we kept hearing how helpful and cool our guests found it! 

I had all of our texts set up well in advance, so when the weekend began, I didn’t even have to think about it. Additionally, it was super easy to send last-minute texts.

At the end of the reception, we had planned for our shuttles to bring our guests downtown to a strip of bars, but hadn’t decided where exactly we would meet. 

While on the shuttle, David and I chose a bar and sent a text through the WedTexts app. 

I was so worried that no one would know where to go, but thanks to WedTexts, everyone was there and the fun continued! 

It was a magical and love-filled weekend!

Arielle and David

Shoutouts to Arielle & David’s Amazing Vendors

Vendor NameWebsiteSocial Media
Wedding Dress Designer
Wedding Dress Shop
Krystal Kast Photography
Lula Hair and Makeup – Hair Stylist
Color Me Carla – Invitations/Menus
Milk and Honeycomb – Vow Calligraphy
Mary at Fearrington Village – Flowers
Fearrington Village Catering
Gilda at Fearrington Village – Planning
ZimZoom Photobooth
Ninety-Nine Entertainment, Jim Unger – DJ
Thomas Blake – Videographer

Nick and Lauren Real WedTexts Wedding Story

After 5 years, I finally popped the question. She was so surprised that I honestly couldn’t have done it better.

A few months went by and we set a date, April 8th

We had a year to get all our ducks in a row and pull off the event of our lives! 

It was a lot of fun but obviously, a lot of organization.

Real WedTexts Wedding Nick and Lauren Tuell

I’m from Cincinnati and she was from Cleveland, we live in Columbus, OH. 

With friends and family coming from all over…we needed something to keep all our out of town wedding guests in the loop. 

We brainstormed and thought about a wedding planner, mailed notices, or even throwing more responsibility on our bridal party.

It became clear what wedding planning tool we should use when I stumbled across WedTexts. 

My fiancée was skeptical at first and outlined why our budget wouldn’t allow it. 

However, WedTexts offered amazing prices that did not even make a dent in our wedding budget.

We were worried about wedding emergencies, last-minute changes, and most importantly…..rain on our wedding day. 

There are so many variables to a single day in your life, it was just best to make sure you’re covered. 

So, we gathered cell phone numbers of all our guests (if you don’t have your guests’ cell…they probably shouldn’t be invited anyways…except plus 1s).

We assigned one of my groomsmen to download the easy to use wedding app and assigned him as “WedTexts Secretary”, who was in charge of sending out last-minute details in case of an emergency. 

Then the exciting part began. 

Drafting our texts, we started with a “Welcome to Columbus” text the day before to thank all who traveled far to be part of our wedding.

Then, we followed up with details of the wedding ceremony, reception, after-party, and even a thank you note the following day. 

We used WedTexts to send a link to our wedding guests on how to request a song at the reception, send us well-wishes to be read on our honeymoon, and even highlight our hashtag (#itsTuellTime) and Snapchat filter.

Real WedTexts Wedding Nick and Lauren Tuell

By and large, WedTexts was a huge, affordable asset to our wedding planning execution. 

Our guests loved the ingenuity and social media focused feel of their Tuell wedding experience. 

Luckily we didn’t have an emergency, but WedTexts was there every step of the way in case we did.

WedTexts brought a quick way to make sure guests were where they needed to be while also giving a new innovative way to entertain what was happening next. 

Ultimately, we couldn’t be happier with the service, easy to use app, and the customer service we received. 

We highly recommend Wedtexts at your wedding.

Real WedTexts Wedding Nick and Lauren Tuell

Shoutouts to Nick & Lauren’s Amazing Vendors

Vendor NameWebsiteSocial Media
Ohio Statehouse
Franklin Park
The Columbus Athenaeum

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