The WedTexts Blueprint is now in the App!

Reminders for your wedding guests

It is now even easier to use WedTexts to deliver an unforgettable guest experience!  Within 5 minutes you can schedule all your Blueprint messages from within the WedTexts App.  Your guests will love getting the effortless reminders throughout your wedding weekend!


Download the app here to get started!


How the Blueprint works:

  • Simply tell us a little about each of your wedding events.
  • We create recommended reminders to make sure your guests know the event details.
  • You approve (or edit) the reminders before WedTexts sends them to your wedding guests at the exact time they need to be reminded of the details!


Event Reminders Currently Supported by the Blueprint: 

  • Engagement Party
  • RSVP Reminder
  • Sharing Your Wedding Website & Hashtag
  • Hotel Room Block Reminders
  • Welcome Party
  • Ceremony Rehearsal
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Wedding Reception
  • Day After Brunch


See the Blueprint in action:

1 – Click Compose:

Clicking Compose will take you to the available Blueprint Messages.


Create scheduled wedding reminders


2 – Fill in Event Details:

Simply input your event details.


Scheduling reminders for your wedding guests


3 – Confirm Message:

We provide you with a text message template for your wedding reminder.  You can edit it as you see fit!


Deliver an unforgettable guest experience with WedTexts Blueprint


4 – Message Scheduled: 

Your Blueprint message is scheduled!  You can edit it or delete it until it is sent to remind your wedding guests of your important event details.


Wedding reminders for DIY weddings


5 – Message Sent:

This is the text reminder that your guests receive.  There is no better way to make sure your wedding guests have your event details than with WedTexts timely reminders!


Group Text message for wedding events


Deliver an unforgettable wedding experience for your wedding guests by downloading WedTexts App today – Click here to download the app!

3 Ways to Deliver an Unforgettable Experience for Your Wedding Guests

WedTexts - An unforgettable wedding experience

Hosting a wedding is a big deal! Everyone wants to create an awesome, unique and unforgettable wedding experience for their wedding guests. According to The Knot’s annual survey for 2016, one of the things that a top priority for couples was creating an unforgettable experience.


The pressure gets turned up a notch when it comes to planning a destination wedding, half destination wedding (when one side of the family has to travel), or a wedding with a lot of out of town guests attending.


Due to wedding guests traveling to their wedding, couples want to go above and beyond to make sure the traveling, time and money are worth while. Creating an unforgettable guest experience is one way to say thank you to your loved ones who made the effort to attend your big day. To help you plan your perfect guest experience below are our top 3 way to deliver an unforgettable wedding experience for your wedding guests.


WedTexts - Wedding Experience

  • Add Local Flair – When people are traveling to your wedding you want to make sure you give them a local experience. Whether that be serving crab cakes in Maryland or having a second line in New Orleans (the photo above is from Kelly and my second line when we got married in Nola in 2015).


WedTexts - Wedding Guest Experience

  • Have Great Dancing Music – Whether you have a DJ or a band the important thing is to make sure they play music people can, and enjoy, dancing to! We have all been at those wedding where the DJ (or band) is playing good music but not dancing music… When everyone is on the dance floor, you know you’ve delivering a great experience at your wedding reception.


WedTexts - Great wedding guest experience

  • Use WedTexts – WedTexts acts like your guests’ very own personal assistant during your wedding weekend. Simply schedule reminder messages for each event (which takes less than 5 minutes with your WedTexts Blueprint), and then relax knowing your guests will get helpful text reminders with the start time and location for each of your wedding events. The best part, all the addresses, dates, times and web addresses turn into clickable links! There is no app for your guests to download, and you will keep them from having to hold onto any paper information or searching for your wedding website during your wedding weekend.


Trust us, your guests will love it!


Create your free account at

Month 7 – Bridesmaids dresses anyone?

Kendall - Wedding Texting

About a week after ordering them, Kendall and Matthias received their Minimal Statement save the date postcards from Wedding Paper Divas (affiliate link). Kendall hurriedly stuffed the envelopes, and sent the beautiful photo of she and Matthias with their wedding date to their family and friends!


Once the save the dates were out of the way, Kendall was able to focus her attention to her bridesmaids’ dresses. She had never dreamed of having all of her bridesmaids in the same dress. The thought of making her sister and cousin buy a dress they would wear only once was not something she was considering.


Instead she decided that she would give them options. She had seen this amazing wedding on Pinterest where each bridesmaid chose their own dress. The only directions were it had to be floor length, flowy and in earth tones to complement the decor. The photos looked amazing! And she was super excited to include this bit of inspiration into her wedding!!


Having another “to-do” checked off of her list, Kendall looked forward to planning her honeymoon!


Can’t wait to continue the story? Or trying to catch up, you can see how the rest of their wedding planning goes by following this link –


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WedTexts is the easiest way to communicate with your wedding guests. We allow engaged couples to pre-schedule text messages to be sent during their wedding planning…for events such as:

–  RSVP reminders.

–  Tuxedo rental reminders.

–  Hotel room blocks.

–  Sharing their wedding website.

–  Sharing their wedding hashtag.

–  And all of their events during their wedding weekend.  (Welcome Party, Wedding Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, & Morning After Brunch)


Wedding texting with WedTexts ensures your guests have your event information when they need it most, and it is delivered directly to their cell phones!


Photo cred – Michael Chilemi with Studio 1 Photography

Top WedTexts Reminders for an Effortless Wedding Guest Experience

Take your guest experience to the next level with WedTexts text reminders

We believe every couple should create an awesome wedding experience for their wedding guests.  That is why we created WedTexts.  WedTexts is the only way to deliver effortless reminders directly to your guests’ cell phones.  There is no app for your guests to download, paper to hold onto during your wedding weekend, and no wedding website to search for.  If you are planning a destination wedding or have a lot of out of town guests coming to your wedding, then WedTexts is a must!  Your guests will love it, and it will reduce unnecessary questions from your wedding guests leading up to your big day.

Create your free account today at


Below are some popular WedTexts messages –

WedTexts is an easy way to share your wedding hashtag and wedding website.



Having an engagement party? Make sure your guests know the details with a helpful WedTexts reminder!



Collect all your outstanding wedding RSVPs with a quick reminder. Typically couple get all their RSVPs within 1 day of sending this message!



WedTexts is a great way to remind your out of town guests that your hotel room blocks are ending!



Make sure all your guests know where and when your welcome party is taking place.



Don’t give your groomsmen an opportunity to be late to any of your wedding events. Make sure they know your wedding ceremony rehearsal details by sending this the morning of your rehearsal!



Your family and bridal party will love getting this reminder for the rehearsal dinner!



No late guests allowed! This simple reminder makes sure your wedding guests know exactly when and where your wedding ceremony is taking place.



Is your wedding reception at a different location than your wedding ceremony? Make sure your guests have the address handy with this reminder.



Are you having a brunch the day after your wedding? If so, guests appreciate this reminder.


WedTexts is the only effortless form of communication for your wedding guests. Take your guests experience to the next level with our pre-schedule text reminders.  Create your free account at