So your friend is getting married and you’re so excited! But not only do you have to make sure to pick something off of their registry and remembering to return the save-the-dates, now you have to decide what to wear. For those of us who agonize over outfits, here’s an easy guide to wedding attire.


A long dress or a formal cocktail dress in a neutral tone like brown, gray, or black helps ensure you’ll meet the dress code without overpowering the bridal decor. For cooler weather, grab some tights and a cape, and you’ll be ready to brave the elements.

Dressy Casual

A cocktail dress or dressy skirt and top with the right accessories are great for semi-casual weddings. Just be wary of the time; for day weddings, opt for lighter colors and darker ones for evening.


Just because someone says they’re having laid back nuptials doesn’t mean it’s time to break out the jeans and t-shirts (unless explicitly expressed). Try a cool skirt and top or a simple dress and some flats and you’ll be good to go.