“My wife and I had a lot of events planned for our wedding (casino night, rehearsal, brunch, cocktail hour, ceremony, and reception) and thanks to WedTexts we were able to focus on those events and not worry about reminding our guests about when and where they had to be” – Brian (Groom – Chula Vista, CA)

Brian and his wife’s wedding had a packed schedule. The guests were staying at different hotels and the events were spread out at different venues around the city. Brian set up messages with WedTexts prior to the wedding and was relying on those to create order within the chaos of the wedding. Brian and his wife were too focused on pre-wedding photos and making sure everything was in place at the venue to worry about ensuring guests ended up where they needed to be. WedTexts succeeded in giving guests updates throughout the weekend to ensure they knew where to go. Just when everything was going smoothly, the restaurant set the reservations for brunch an hour later than told. Brian picked up his phone, opened the WedTexts app, and immediately sent a text to all the guests invited to brunch giving them an update on the time. Try WedTexts today and see how it can help you manage your wedding.

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