Planning a wedding can be overwhelming for some and the moment of a lifetime for others. Those who are a stickler for the details may feel the need to be involved in every aspect. Those who love to delegate, may see the value of letting someone else handle the responsibilities. But there are other things that a bride must consider before making the decision to plan their own wedding or hire a wedding planner. Here are three things to think about:


If you are trying to keep your big day from breaking the bank, you may forgo a wedding planner and stick with online wedding blogs for {free} help. The Broke-Ass Bride, The Budget Savvy Bride, and A Bride on A Budget are some great places to start looking for tips on planning a budget conscious wedding on your own.


Sometimes a busy schedule can monopolize a person’s time and it’s better to have someone else making sure that everything that needs to be done will be done. The wedding planner can be the perfect go-to for a bride that’s on-the-go and won’t be able to handle a lot of the necessary details.


For those planning a large wedding (200+ people), it may be difficult to plan all of the logistics alone. And if you’ve never planned an event to accommodate that many people, it may be over your head. If you hire a wedding planner who has experience coordinating large events, it can alleviate a lot of worries about the details and everything that will be needed for your big day.
So how about you? What made you choose to either hire or pass on a wedding planner?