Flowing ivory chiffon, bouncy curls tucked away by a white daisy. A sparkling water fountain and lush green grass with blades long enough to skim the top of my feet. Ever since I got engaged, I began to see what I wanted our ceremony to look like. I scoured the Columbia Bridal Association for the perfect venue that would bring my vision to life. And I came across the Manor at Doko Meadows.

Called the “undiscovered jewel of Blythewood, SC” this place had to be magical. When I pulled onto the park grounds and saw all of the greenery and, of course, the water fountain, I knew this was it. Our small wedding of about 50 people would be perfect at the Manor.

The photographer in me was so excited about the different opportunities for capturing the entire day. From the grand two-story foyer and plantation-style shutters, to the tall staircases leading to the waterfront pergola. The wedding photos are going to rock!

Not only is the Manors gorgeous, it has so much historical value, which my fiancé, the history buff, loved. Here’s a snippet from their brochure:

The Manor @ Doko Meadows first opened in March, 2013. The name “Doko,” is believed to be an Indian name meaning “watering place.” Another source states that Doko was an African name meaning “where the iron horse drinks.” Both of these meanings are appropriate because in the early days, the steam engines stopped here to take on water and fuel. The water was stored in a wooden tower which was used until steam engines disappeared.

I was blown away by the sheer beauty of the place – and the price was extremely reasonable given our short budget and timeline.

Next up: the perfect dress.