Since the big day was so near, our ceremony was set to be a small one, about 50 people or so. With that in mind, we started to create our guest list.

My family is fairly large so my half of the list filled up pretty quickly. After going through my family tree and deciding what remaining cousins and aunts I would invite, I was done (or so I thought). Paul on the other hand has a smaller family with him being the youngest out of his four siblings and took a bit longer to come up with his 25 people. Initially, the guest list was supposed to consist of only family members but Paul had extra spots and could invite some of his friends. Thus began the tug between him being able to invite his friends on his expansive list and me running out of space on my limited one.

Most of my family and friends are back in the Charleston area where I’m from so that narrowed my prospects a bit. I’ve got two college friends and lots of coworkers in Columbia that I would have loved to invite. This whole thing was quickly becoming near impossible. Then came the realization that not everyone that we invited would be able to attend. So that begged the question, should we invite more people in preparation for the ones that would be a no-show? But if we invited these extra people and everyone did show up, our numbers (and budget) would be way off. 

It took about a week or two for us to finalize the guest list and keep it close to 50 people (and make sure to spare people’s feelings in the process). We had to call every single person we were considering and ensure that they would indeed be able to make it before we even added them to the list. Of course, there was still the chance that they would not show, things happen, but at least we had a little peace of mind.

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Next up: the perfect venue.