There are some great resources for wedding planning timelines online, or on pinterest! One of our favorites is from wedding wire (see below!)



While these are super helpful, different variables about your wedding may make this time line more or less feasible. Therefore we at WedTexts take a little bit different approach to wedding planning, and suggest splitting your planning into 3 different steps. Coffee from our friends at Starbucks kept us going through our most hectic wedding planning days, so in their honor we named our three steps after Starbucks three most common drink sizes.


You can think of the “Venti” steps as being the BIG things. These are the pieces of your wedding planning that are essential for having your most memorable day.



Nom-nom (aka food and drink!)

Talent (photographer/videographer/hair/makeup)


These are the big ones! They are essential to having your perfect wedding day. Spend a good amount of time doing your research, and perfecting your Pinterest board, but as soon as you make a decision, BOOK THEM! Really talented vendors book up quickly; so don’t get stuck with your 2nd or 3rd round pick because you procrastinated.


Things in the Grande category are also important for your big day, but are less time sensitive. Let’s see if I can make this work one more time…

Gift Registry: Start your registry early! You may even get some pre-wedding gifts because of it!

Rain plan: If any part of your wedding will take place outside, you will want to look into a Plan B in case it rains.

Attire: While your wedding gown will likely be one of the first things that you purchase, don’t forget about the rest of your wedding party! Especially the boys… they are notorious for doing things last minute!
Nuptials: Reserve your officiant or book your ceremony venue and make sure your wedding ceremony reflects your personal style and beliefs!
Décor: The amount of décor necessary will depend heavily on your venue, budget and your personal style.
Event transportation: So we took a little creative liberty with this last one. That being said, make sure your transportation is locked down in advance! There is nothing like planning on the New Orleans Street Car Line just to find that they are redoing the tracks in front of your hotel!!

3 – TALL: We have always thought the name “Tall” was a misnomer for Starbucks most bitty drink. Therefore, you can think of these things as being the “itty bitty” details that add that last special touch to your wedding. These can includes things like your wedding favors, welcome bags for your out of town guests, or bubbles for a magical end of the night photo! None of the items in the “Tall” category will make or break your wedding, but can allow you to add a special touch if you choose to do so!