You’re finally engaged to the love of your life! Next up you have to decide on where you would like to host your wedding. Do you want it to be outside or inside? Or a versatile wedding that has the ceremony and reception in the same place? Once you decide on all of these important details, WedTexts can help you make sure your guest make it to the right location, on time! Be sure to sign up at or by downloading our app at To help your selection here are 5 things to keeping in mind when choosing a venue for your big day!

  1. When venue hunting take a camera or your phone with you. Taking pictures will help you when you go back and decide which venues visually are what you need for your wedding. After you go through the pictures it will easily help you in the selection process.
  2. Ask about decoration limitations. If you have a specific decorations you want to use in mind, make sure to ask if the venue can actually provide it. Such as ceiling decorations, some historic venues may not allow this. If you have your heart set on a draped ceiling, you may want to confirm this before making your decision!
  3. Find out what the maximum and minimum occupancy levels are for the venue. Compare it to your wedding guest list before sending out invites. If they don’t match keep venue hunting or everyone won’t be able to celebrate with you on your big day! 
  4. Is the set up at the venue included with everything you see? If there are chairs and tables that are seen when viewing the venue, do you have to provide your own rental company? If so ask if a rental fee is available or not for the wedding. Make sure you know what is included with renting your venue!
  5. Look at the traffic areas or noise levels around each venue, especially if you have an outside ceremony. It may have a beautiful view, but are there any loud noises or distractions that will ruin your wedding? You don’t want a plane to drown out your personalized vows!

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