When Kelly and I were planning our wedding we knew we wanted to get married outside, and we wanted everything about our ceremony to represent us and our love for one another.  With me being Catholic, getting married outdoors is a no-no these days.  So we had to get creative. Because of that, we had the pleasure of connecting with Father Sean.  Father Sean is a wonderful man, and he celebrates his faith in large part by officiating weddings across the nation for couples like Kelly and me.  On Father Sean’s website, his mission sums up our experience quite well, “Progressive, open, inclusive, and receptive to those particulars that will make your wedding day a special day for you, your family, and friends, is my mission.”

So when we started working on a blog post about what couples should consider when choosing a wedding officiant, I could not think of anyone better to ask.  Below is what Father Sean had to say –

“Your Wedding Officiant ought first to be your wedding celebrant. He or She ought to be able to guide you through the mainline religious services with a reverence and respect for whatever Tradition or Traditions the Couples wish to inform their wedding service. The Officiant must equally respect and be able to lead a Service that is Secular in form. The Officiant ought to mirror the Couples sensitivity to detail while revealing to all guests the Couple’s Story as expressed in music, Scriptures, Literature, Poetry, and Secular Expressions. The Officiant ought to be able to direct every word and movement toward the Couple and the Joy of the Event.” – Father Sean (http://www.seantheweddingpriest.com/)

One of the great privileges we have at WedTexts is being part of so many weddings, and witnessing first hand how couples make their special time reflect their own personality and joy for one another.  Regardless of your belief system, we would be honored to be a part of your big day.

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