Are you planning on printing wedding weekend itineraries to give to your wedding guests? Leave them in your wedding weekend welcome bags?

Depending on how far along you’re in the process of putting together your wedding weekend itinerary you’ve realized it’s a long process. Hopefully you’ve got the list of your events (your rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, first look, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, morning after brunch, etc.). This is the easy part!!

Now it’s design time. Do you want to include a map? Will your wedding weekend itineraries match your wedding website? Go with your wedding colors? How many should you print? Where should you print them? When can you pick them up? How much will they cost?

The time, energy and money adds up quickly! Luckily we have a secret for you. (Printing wedding weekend itineraries is not worth your time, energy or hard earned money!!!)

We are very pro most wedding print material. Who doesn’t love receiving a nice wedding invitation addressed to them personally?

Wedding weekend itineraries on the other hand are going to get left in the hotel room, thrown away or not even looked at. If you’re expecting your guests to lug your wedding weekend itinerary around all weekend, you’re sadly mistaken.

However, your wedding guests will always have their cell phone with them (or at least anyone under 40 will)! So why not deliver your wedding weekend itinerary directly to your wedding guests’ cell phones when they need the information most?

Now you can with WedTexts! And our WedTexts Blueprint helps you schedule all the messages you will need for your wedding weekend within 5 minutes! (Assuming you have all the information handy about each of your events (location, start time, etc.)

Don’t delay…create your free WedTexts account today at! It will save you time and money when it comes to your wedding weekend itinerary, and your guests will love it!

WedTexts is wedding texting made easy!